Trust us, your roof will thank you.

By Meghan Overdeep
September 13, 2018
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Weather experts and seasoned coast-dwellers alike will tell you that preparedness is the key to staying safe in a hurricane.  

Beyond boarding up your windows and testing out your generator, when it comes to getting your home ready to sustain the heavy winds and rain of a hurricane, there’s one important step many homeowners forget: closing interior doors.

After conducting rigorous scientific wind testing on a full-scale, 1,400-square-foot single-story home, the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety concluded that closing a home’s interior doors is just as important as securing its exterior doors and windows in a hurricane.

The Science:

Hurricane-force winds can enter a home through cracks, holes or broken windows and put immense upward pressure on your home’s roof. As IBHS explains on its website, closing interior doors in a hurricane “helps compartmentalize the pressure inside the home into smaller areas reducing the overall force on the roof structure, which gives the roof a better chance of staying intact.”

Seems like a pretty simple way to lessen the chance of having your roof blow off, doesn’t it?

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“The roof is your first line of defense against anything Mother Nature inflicts on a home, and during a bad storm your roof endures fierce pressure from wind, rain, and flying debris that may be outside,” Roy Wright, IBHS president and CEO, said in a statement. “But the roof also must withstand internal pressure if winds get inside. The pressure in your home can build like air in a balloon, eventually causing the roof to fail and blow apart, which – particularly in a hurricane—allows water to come pouring in.”

Stay safe out there y’all and don’t forget to shut those doors! Trust us, your roof will thank you.

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