6 Things that No One Tells You About Living in a Tiny House

Tiny houses are all the rage these days, but read this before you do an extreme downsize

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Dreaming of ditching your nine to five, all that clutter that you've accumulated, and your mortgage? Chances are you've been watching one of the many reality TV shows about tiny house living. We are devoted small home lovers and builders but we aren't sure that tiny houses are a permanent solution for many.

  1. It needs to be less than 500 square feet to be considered a true tiny house.
  2. It may not meet the building codes of its permanent home site making it illegal. Part of the genius of a tiny home is that unlike a traditional home, a tiny home can be built in one place and transported anywhere the wind takes its owner. This also presents a problem. Say your tiny house is built in Virginia, but ends up in California. You will need to check to make sure that it meets all of California's stringent codes.
  3. If you plan on moving your tiny house around the country with you, then you need to be sure that you have a car or truck with the right towing capacity. You should also double check that you have the driving ability too.
  4. It can be difficult to ″park" your tiny home on wheels for long. Since the Tiny Home movement is so new and largely unregulated, cities are having a tough time figuring how to zone them. Many cities only permit them if they are attached to a foundation and connected to utilities, which effectively downgrades the tiny house ethos to living in a guest house.
  5. Tiny home accessories are typically custom – and expensive. You probably cannot find that teeny toilet and sink at your local Home Depot. Instead it will need to be ordered through a more costly appliance dealer.
  6. Just getting up to go to the sleeping loft can be tricky business.

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Though beautifully simplistic in theory, these reality checks are a must-know before you decide to ditch the space for a tiny home.

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