If you need something to boast about at the next neighborhood barbeque or holiday party, why not give these give these impressive DIY household solutions a try? Fixing common problems around your home has never been so easy and inexpensive! To begin, a simple candle can work wonders on a jammed window. The paraffin or beeswax creates less friction, which will allow the window to open with ease. There’s no reason to call the plumber if you have baking soda and vinegar handy. Simply pour a cup of each down the drain followed by hot water, and these household staples will fix a clogged drain in a jiffy. If your home has an annoyingly squeaky door, grab a bar of soup. Rubbing the soapy suds in the door’s hinges works just as well as grease without the messy cleanup. We all know replacing wallpaper can be a bit pricey; to avoid paying a hefty fee, just get a tub of wallpaper paste and rub the mixture on a sheet of printer paper. Next, place the printer paper under the peeling wallpaper and apply pressure. Just like that, you’re wallpaper will be as good as new. These common household problems can be fixed for less than $40. Happy upgrading, y’all!

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