The kitchen is the heart of the Southern home.

The Kitchen
Credit: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Every Southerner knows the importance of a beautiful and practical kitchen. In addition to cooking all of our family's favorite and nostalgic recipes, we bring our guests in and around the kitchen so we can chat over a simmering Brunswick stew or around a stunning layer cake. The kitchen is our vessel for entertaining, and we like to use it thoroughly and heartily. In our 2017 Idea House, the kitchen is designed to accommodate a crowd. Take a 360˚ tour of the space with facts from the home's designer, Lindsey Coral Harper, in the view below. Click and hold to look at your surroundings, and click on the footprints if you'd like to jump around the space.

This kitchen was built for the Southern climate, especially for its location on Bald Head Island. While heat and humidity can affect a home's structure, the Idea House Designer, Eric Moser, accomodated with hidden layers and sturdy materials. The kitchen's ceiling is actually the bottom of the upstairs floors, and the walls are crafted from shiplap to allow them to expand and contract in weather shifts.

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In the center of the kitchen is a 4- by 8-foot island, ready to hold all the appetizers, breakfast plates, cocktails, and casseroles you could dream of. It's an open, free-flowing space that encourages mingling. "No matter what, the kitchen will be the gathering spot, so I try to make it inviting while also defining it for the cook," Moser says. One fun element of the kitchen is the mix of lighting. There's an oversize coral lantern in the ceiling's opening paired with two hanging pendant lights. What's your favorite kitchen idea from this airy space?