Now this is a beach paradise.

Exterior Patio
With inspiration stemming from homes in the community, the result became a straightforward coastal cottage that's "free of refined ornamentation, with extensive porches and long overhangs on both the front and back to protect from the sun and rain as well as pull people outdoors," explains Moser.
| Credit: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Welcome to Bald Head Island, Georgia! Our 2017 Idea House is the quintessential Southern beach home – with inspiration from the natural surroundings, plenty of eye-catching colors, and an open floor plan to entertain all of your friends and family. To take this tour, simply click and drag in the video below to check out your surroundings. If you'd like to hop to a different room, simply click on the footprints.

Designed by Georgia-native, Manhattan-based interior designer Lindsey Coral Harper, the house is full of unexpected combinations. In the crofter – a Bald Head term to describe the golf cart garages on the island – the walls feature a playful monkey motif with a vintage banana chandelier showcased on the ceiling. You'll find a mix of vibrant orange and green throughout the home, both playing off of the casual, relaxed feeling of the island's beachy style.

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On the outside, the 2017 Idea House has sprawling porches, including a comfy, laid-back sleeping porch. We can only dream of spending summer evenings on this sleeping porch with a glass of tea in hand and our best girlfriends by our side. Another unexpected combination? The eclectic mix of modern and vintage style in nearly every room. In the upstairs master bedroom, a vintage shell chair is brought to life with the surrounding yellow wallpaper. It's fresh, it's fun, and it's the perfect spot to stay a spell.