Don't shy away from this vibrant color.

The Twin Bedroom
Credit: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Color is no stranger to the 2017 Idea House on Bald Head Island. Interior Designer Lindsey Coral Harper incorporated shades of all varieties around the space, with bold bathrooms, a vivacious yellow bedroom, and a coral chandelier in the kitchen. Two colors that she used frequently, however, are orange and green. These two hues playfully accent numerous rooms in the house, but the upstairs twin bedroom brings orange – both the color and the fruit – to the forefront. To take a tour of the space, simply click and drag to check out your surroundings.

"It's sophisticated but it still feels young and fresh," says Lindsey. She started with this fun and graphic orange-print fabric on the headboards of the twin beds, and used the color orange to accent decor around the room. For the bedroom's light fixture, she also played up the theme. "They're actually apples that I painted to look like oranges," she says. In addition to the fabric and light fixture, Lindsey added a round orange lamp on the desk for an extra pop of color.

In the nearby bathroom, she continued with the vibrant theme and based her design around a new textile: Radish Moon's Orange Grove. The thematic walls are bright, fresh, and speak to the laid-back, playful nature of the island's culture.

Twin Bath
In the bath, Harper selected Suvi wallcovering in Clementine for a vibrant pop of color, bringing in the orange accents from the twin bedroom. The scalloped green mirror by Oomph complements the wallpaper's clementine print. She also painted the flooring in the bathroom Evergreens by Sherwin Williams to bring in more of the green hues. 
| Credit: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

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Although orange can be an intimidating color for first-time decorators, don't let that sway you from incorporating it into your decor. It always pays to think thematically, as Lindsey demonstrates in this colorful sleeping space.