One woman spills what it's like to get her home featured on Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
September 06, 2018
Astronaut Images/Getty Images

Ever dream of having your home renovated on HGTV? You're not alone (ahem, grab a ticket and wait in a very, very long line). But what happens when your home is actually selected to be featured on the popular network for, say, Fixer Upper (oh, how we miss thee) or Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation?

A recent article on Apartment Therapy interviewed a couple who had their oceanfront home featured on Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation to find out more about what goes on when the cameras aren't rolling. Here are three of the most interesting things we learned:

1. There are some major perks for the home owners.

"The filming process can speed up a lot of things because you have to get certain things done, like setting up the time with the production company," Lori Valenti Webb, whose Pawleys Island, South Carolina home was featured on the show, tells Apartment Therapy. "And you can often get a lot of breaks with local vendors that want to get featured on the show, so I knew that there was a chance to get substantial cost savings on the renovations if we worked with them."

2. But it's also a big commitment.

"The days were really long, and we did a lot of scenes multiple times. After a certain amount of time redoing some scenes, you lose a little it of the luster and energy, but the crew is great with their editing and they still manage to really capture it," says Valenti Webb of the experience. While racing to get their renovation done in six weeks, the couple was also living three-and-a-half hours away, by the way. Later in the interview, Valenti Webb also shares they got there at 6:00am and would often clock 12-to-14 hour days.

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3. Cameras, cameras everywhere.

The fancy edited version of a home renovation you watch on TV may look seamless with people behaving naturally on-camera, but it's no easy feat. "It's the weirdest feeling at first. It took us a good couple hours to even get used to that," Valenti Webb notes of constantly having a lot of cameras in your face. Those who are camera shy may want to take note of the omnipresent role cameras and a camera crew will play in your life before applying to get their home featured on television.

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