Winter is coming y'all, and it's supposed to be a doozy! 

By Meghan Overdeep
December 1, 2018
Choreograph/Getty Images

Unfortunately, there’s no thermostat setting or cable-knit sweater that can compensate for a drafty window. And with the harsh days of winter breathing down our necks, now’s the time to prep your windows for what the Farmer’s Almanac promises will be a particularly frightful season.

Luckily, Lyle Kvarnlov, product services manager at Marvin Windows and Doors, shared some handy tips for getting your home ready for the colder months—and for entertaining overnight Christmas guests!

First, you’ll want to start by cleaning your windows and giving them a thorough inspection. “By soaking and scrubbing windows with a mild cleanser, and drying with soy-based newspaper, you’ll have a crystal-clear view for winter and get an up-close look at any potential window deterioration,” Kvarnlov explained in a news release.

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Once you’ve completed your inspection, Kvarnlov advised checking all frames for drafts and gaps. To do this, guide a lighted candle around windows and doors and see where the flame flickers. A flicker means a draft. Once you’ve identified any and all gaps, seal them with caulk, new weather-stripping or foam.

And once the chill sets in, don’t be fazed by the accumulation of condensation or frost. “Contrary to what you might think, condensation is a sign that your windows are working and maintaining the temperature inside your home,” Kvarnlov notes.

But whatever you do, don’t delay. Winter, as they say, is coming.