If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the pantry is surely its driving force! It’s filled with several kitchen necessities, but does it take forever to find what you’re looking for? Make cooking and baking easier by organizing your goods with these clever pantry hacks. A shoe organizer doubles as a fantastic space to store snacks, condiments, and paper goods. Simply hang it on the back of your pantry door for an easy and accessible storage space. While file holders work great at the office, they’re also handy in the pantry. Use them as a holder for aluminum foil, wax paper, and plastic wrap. Mason jars are your dried foods’ best friend. Beans, rice, and oats will have a happy home. And, they’re reusable!  Be sure to add an adorable chalk label for the final touch. Mesh laundry bags are the best place to store fruits and vegetables; they’ll give the produce plenty of air for a long life span. Finally, don’t forget to hang a clipboard with your grocery list. You’ll have a helpful spot to write down any item you may need more of. With these 5 pantry tips, you’ll be whipping up a meal for your family in no time.

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