We know you have one of those laying around!

Fork for Hanging Pictures
Credit: kyoshino

A little to the left. No, no, a little to right. OK, now just a smidge more to the left.

It's a familiar scene, isn't it—one you'd probably like to avoid.

If you've ever struggled to properly hang a picture, have faith: you are not alone. Who hasn't watched a nail slip right into the wall the moment they tried and hang something on it, or looked on helplessly as a prized photograph tipped persistently to one side?

Luckily, there is hope. First for Women recently brought this brilliant picture hanging hack to our attention, and the only thing required is something everyone should already have in spades: a fork. Seriously.

Allow us to explain. After you place the nail where you'd like it, simply stick a fork upside down, sliding the prongs down over the nail so its head protrudes through them. Next, prop the picture onto the nail, and then gently pull the fork out of its place. Voila! The gentle curve of the fork helps balance the picture over the middle of the nail, so there's no need for an army of onlookers shouting, "a little to the left!"

More of a visual learner? Check out the quick video tutorial below:

Happy hanging!