Try these 5 easy steps for getting your windows (and mirrors) sparkly clean.

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Female hands in yellow gloves cleaning window with green rag and spray detergent. Spring cleanup, housework concept
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Let’s be honest, I don’t enjoy most household chores but I do love washing windows. There’s a feeling of instant gratification when turning grimy, dirty panes into crystal clear glass. The yard looks better from the inside and the house looks better from the street. There are many ideas floating around about the best way to clean windows from using newspaper to squeegees to sponges. A question often asked is, “How do I avoid streaks?” No one likes to see streaking…of any kind! You could hire a professional window cleaner or  buy commercial window cleaning products but now you can get professional, streak free windows at a fraction of the cost with a few easy steps.

1. Gather your supplies:

Plastic spray bottle (this particular bottle has a content check box)

Dawn Ultra dishwashing liquid (I always use the original blue Dawn)

Microfiber cloths (this pack of 18 cloths will last for years)

Broom (a soft-bristled broom is perfect for picking up dust)

Gloves (these latex-free gloves will keep that new manicure looking good)

2. Check the weather:

The best time to wash windows is on an overcast but not rainy day. A hot, sunny day causes the cleaning solution to evaporate too fast before you can finish washing the window and leaves streaks.

3. Mix up your window cleaning solution:

This is how you clean windows with vinegar. I’ve used this homemade mixture for years. It goes a long way and for just a few cents.

2 c. warm water

1/4 c. white vinegar

1/2 tsp. blue Dawn dishwashing detergent

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4. Bring the broom:

To sweep the windows, not the floors. This is the easiest way to sweep away the cobwebs and debris from the windows and sills.

5. Grab the microfiber cloths:

These washable and re-useable microfiber cloths are lint free. Use one to wash the windows and another to dry off the excess water. Some people like to use newspaper to clean their windows but I’ve always found this a bit cumbersome and never have a newspaper lying around the house. For years, paper towels were my go-to but they leave lint and are wasteful. The squeegee is also a popular tool but you’re wiping all that water down the panes and then have to wipe it up with a towel. I find it takes a lot more time and energy than I’m willing to invest. So spray the window panes, wash with one cloth, then dry with a second cloth.

Give this easy cleaning technique a try and your shiny windows will be the envy of the neighborhood.