So, you’ve spilled sweet tea on your clean white shirt. Once the initial frustration wears off, it’s time to search the cabinets for simple stain removing products. Here are some inexpensive ways to keep your laundry spot-free without breaking the bank. Did you trip and get red wine everywhere but your mouth? Grab the saltshaker and apply the seasoning to the mark. Stretch the fabric over a bowl and pour boiling water on the crystals. Your mistake will disappear in a jiffy (this is an especially effective hack on sheets!). Southerners love chocolate, but the delicious treat leaves an ugly stain. Simply scrape off any candy bar excess, and squeeze 1 tablespoon of dish soap mixed with 10 ounces of water on the spot. Wash with detergent, and no one will know about your Hershey mishap. Most salad dressings (and, frankly, mayonnaise) are complete with an oily base. If a dollop lands on your pants, open the cornstarch. Let the sprinkles soak it up, and rinse with cool water. Wash the piece with Shout, and you’ll be oil stain free. You’ll never have to pay another hefty laundry bill with these tricks in your back pocket!

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