There’s truly no place like home! In the South, it’s the focal point of family reunions, holiday parties, and, of course, birthday celebrations. And, we’re always searching for creative ways to boost our home’s worth. Did you know that certain color schemes can earn you more green? Here are some unexpected ways paint color affects home value. Let’s begin with the entryway to your household – the front door. Houses with doors painted in dark colors, like charcoal or navy blue make a $1,514 premium. A mix of gray and beige is the trendiest exterior color, and it can earn $1,526 more than other properties. We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home; stick with soft blue tones for a value increase. Surprisingly – put down that yellow paintbrush! Yellow kitchens aren't as valuable as they used to be. For the living room, colors that induce calm work best, especially pale taupe and light beige. Give your bathroom a nautical feel. Paint it powder blue or periwinkle, and, on average, your home value could increase by an impressive $5,440! So, get to painting. You’re not far from a colorful payoff.

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