Turns Out, a Wax Melt and a Little Southern Heat Make a Fantastic Car Air Freshener

Just two supplies needed.

Summer in the South is no joke. And when the temperatures rise and you accidentally left gym shoes (or a Bojangles bag) in the car, that is definitely no joke. Luckily, there is an easy fix that doesn't involve dangling a Christmas tree-shaped pine-scented air freshener from your rearview mirror. Instead you just need a quick trip to your local store for two supplies and a little help from Mother Nature.

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When it comes to making your own car air freshener, Hunker pointed us towards a TikTok video making the rounds on social media. According to TikTok user and DIY enthusiast @micah.griffin, all you need is a shaker jar, like those used for Parmesan cheese at your favorite pizza spot, and wax melts. If you haven't encountered wax melts before, they are small, scented pieces of wax that slowly melt and release their fragrance. They come in all sorts of scents like coconut, jasmine, lemon, mint, cedar, and, yes, even pine, so you can choose the aroma you like best. Both wax melts and shakers can be found at well-stocked craft stores, Etsy, Walmart, or Amazon.

To make the air freshener, simply open your shaker and put a few pieces of wax melt inside the jar. Put the lid on the jar and place it in your car's cupholder or wherever it fits. From there, just leave your car in the summer heat and the sunlight will melt the wax and your chosen scent will fill the car with an aroma almost as delightful as a Bojangles biscuit sandwich.

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