Our journey to find property and a plan to call home.

My Georgia Farmhouse
Credit: Courtesy of @mygeorgiafarmhouse

Making the Move
Almost five years ago when my husband, my son, and I were living in Virginia, we decided that it was time for us to move back to Georgia so we could be closer to our extended family. My husband got a job in Atlanta, and we landed in Marietta. While life in Marietta was good, we always knew our hearts were further south on a decent piece of property where we could raise our kids outside in a house that was built for us by us.

My husband has always been interested in real estate, so he's always looking on the Internet at properties. About six months before we found our property, he actually saw it online. But every time after that when he would go back to check if the listing was still available, he never could find it.

Our Christmas Gift
On Christmas Day two years ago, we left my in-laws' house to get back home to Marietta. On a whim, my husband decided to drive by the property to see if it was still for sale, and if it was something that would work for us. We came around a bend in the road, and there was a beautiful field of hay with a little for sale sign out front. It truly was exactly what we had been looking for. It was almost twenty acres of Bermuda hay with a natural rise closer to the back of the property, which was the perfect spot for our house. I immediately said SOLD, and that was that. We closed on the property in March, and we broke ground in July. Because we now live in a tight-knit community of people who have lived here for generations, we've had lots of folks stop by to visit throughout the build. The property was on and off the market because a few offers fell through. We like to think it was just meant to be ours all along.

Finding the Right House Plan
The house plan process was a different story. I feel like finding the right house plan, at least for us, was like finding a needle in a haystack. There are so many beautiful plans, and it's really easy to start second-guessing yourself because it's a pretty big decision. We knew we wanted something relatively straightforward and timeless. Our home sits in the middle of a hayfield around houses that have been here for a long while, and we didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb. I've always wanted to live in an old farmhouse, so we decided to try to find a classic farmhouse style. While looking through all the plans on the Southern Living website, we found Four Gables by Mitchell Ginn. It was exactly the look we were going for­: a simple white farmhouse with great porches to capture the natural breezes on our property. The exterior was pretty close to perfect, but the interior didn't check all of our boxes. However, after sitting with it, tweaking it, and Googling it for months, we knew it was the right plan. So we ordered the plans and received them a month or so before we broke ground. After living in the house now for almost six months, I can confidently say that we absolutely made the right decision and the right changes. The plan works beautifully for our family, and there really isn't anything I would change.