Do this, and you're more likely to be invited back.

You spent the night before your trip packing and unpacking, deliberating over which of your two fuzzy white sweaters you'd rather wear for dinner on Saturday and agonizing over how many pairs of shoes you'd actually need for the weekend.

While you were indulging in the back-and-forth of wardrobe choices, your gracious hostess was working her tail off: meal planning and grocery shopping, changing sheets and freshening up towels, dusting the ceiling fans and waxing the floors, running to the florist for a pretty nightstand arrangement, and popping a batch of cheese straws in the oven – just because she knows they're your favorite.

There's a lot of planning, prepping, and cleaning that goes into playing the consummate hostess. So, when you arrive, do your part to minimize the mess that houseguests, however unintentionally, often leave in their wake.

Once you've said your hellos, the first thing you should do is ask your hostess where you can put your luggage, so that it's out of sight and out of the way.

Whether you've packed in a duffle bag, a rolling suitcase, or in a fleet of totes (a common affliction of those who just can't decide what to bring), luggage has a way of cluttering up a room. Dropping all of your travel gear right at the door – and leaving it there – instantly creates a blemish on the clean, inviting environment your hostess worked so hard to create in anticipation of your arrival.

So do like the Boy Scouts and leave no trace.

Plus, taking your luggage to the guest room, or whatever your hostess has designated as your quarters for the weekend, is a polite way for you to excuse yourself for a moment and freshen up after your travels. Those few minutes that you take to get settled are also an opportunity for your hostess to have one last moment of peace and quiet before her hosting duties take off full speed ahead. And Lord knows she needs it.