Fight the balmy heat and lower that air-conditioning bill. 
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Honeywell Fan
Credit: Amazon

In most parts of the country, people brace for the cold, cold winter months when there aren’t enough wool socks to keep the toes from freezing up and staying inside is better than facing the howling wind. But down in the South, we brace for the summer—when the humidity is like breathing in a big gulp of lukewarm mist and staying inside merely keeps us from unmentionables like gnats, sweat stains, and the occasional heat rash. Yay, summer! 

What is absolutely necessary? A cool breeze to fight off the balmy heat and accompanying hallucinations that make us see an ice cream sundae in the distance. For that, we don’t trust the weather. We trust a cheap fan that never lets us down, even in the middle of July. So when we found Honeywell HT-900 TurboForce Air Circulator Fan, it was the $14 price point and over 23,000 reviews on Amazon (averaging at 4.3 out of 5) that had us clicking “place order.” 

Simple and straightforward, this fan is a shopper-favorite not because of any bells or whistles. The stats are easy to comprehend: compact enough to fit on the counter or table, strong enough to feel a breeze up to 27 feet away, and consistent enough to lower our skyrocketing air conditioning costs all year long. But what sets it apart from just any old fan is the reliability. At $14, most fans are going to conk off after maybe a month of use. This one swears to stay the course, which is pretty convincing seeing as it costs the same as about three coffee shop lattes. 

So if your aircon just ain’t cutting it, it might be time to try out a super tiny, super powerful fan at home. You can shop it here.

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