Honeywell Duval Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Turn Your Back Porch Into a Breezy Island Vacation With This Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Humidity not included.
By Ariel Scotti
July 29, 2021
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It takes a lot—maybe a historical storm or an invasion of cicadas—for a Southerner to call it quits and retreat from their porch back inside. Porches and outdoor spaces are a year-round perk in states where the temperatures never dip too low, and you can bet they're used to their full potential. One way these outdoor sanctuaries can improve, however, is by adding a bit of airflow with an outdoor ceiling fan to combat sticky summer temperatures. 

Fans help push through those slight daytime breezes and make them feel more like the cooling, comfortable gusts of air we need when it's hotter than the sun. They can be fun and interesting pieces of decor that blend in seamlessly with the lush greenery the South is known for, too. The Honeywell Duval Outdoor Ceiling Fan fits this exact description. It comes in white or bronze and its blades are shaped like leaves with woven detailing that evokes the tropics. The five blades have a wide span of 52-inches across, enabling the fan to push a ton of air around and create that much-needed wind.

Honeywell Duval Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

BUY IT: $98.53;

Shoppers who purchased the outdoor ceiling fan from Walmart say that it works so well on their porches, they would recommend it to anyone in the market for one. Some lucky reviewers with expansive porches even bought a second one to add to their lofty spaces. They write that this fan helps circulate the air on humid days, that it's easy enough to install themselves and that it doesn't rattle or wobble in the ceiling—even on the highest of its four speed settings. 

One shopper points out that the one thing the fan is lacking is a light, but this didn't bother them since they already had a well-lit porch and they said the fan is still a great value at under $100 even without it. 

Cool down your own porch and extend your time outside with the Honeywell Duval Outdoor Ceiling Fan from Walmart today.