They definitely stood the test of time. 

By Southern Living Editors

Back in 1957, someone wrote a helpful guide called 1,001 How-to Ideas filled with useful tips to use around the home. Many of those pointers were lost to time, though, until a blogger discovered the book in his basement and decided to test out some of the vintage advice. He posted the results to YouTube under the name HouseHold Hacker, Core77 reports, and while some of the tips are a bit odd—like using a potato to collect all the nails and screws while doing home repairs—some of the hints definitely stood the test of time.

One favorite involved a clean-up tip straight out of HGTV: after you've done some painting and need to clean your brushes, fill a mason jar with cleaning solution (or just water). Then, hang a u-shaped magnet over the top of the mason jar and put the paintbrush in the solution, leaning the metal bit (technically called the ferrule) up against the magnet. The magnet will suspend your paintbrush in the solution without damaging the bristles.

Another great tip involved using an old egg carton to move furniture without damaging a hardwood floor. Simply cut the egg carton into four pieces, crush them under foot, and slide them under the corners of the piece of furniture you're trying to move. According to the video, once the cardboard is in place, it's easy enough to slide the pie safe you inherited from your mother-in-law into a new room.

The best tip, though, solves one of those seemingly unsolvable annoyances: what do you do if a suction cup simply won't stick to the wall. The solution, according to this 1957 book, is to simply rub the suction cup with hand soap, because apparently the glycerin in the soap will help it hold to the wall. Genius!