Welcome to the future, y'all.

Modsy Design 1
Credit: Modsy

If you've ever stared at your living room thinking, "Man, I really should redecorate!" – you need to meet Modsy.

This new home design tool quizzes you on your interior design style, and then turns photos of your desired rooms into perfectly scaled 3-D models. Modsy then delivers a rendering with incredible furniture ideas that take the place of the sofa you've been meaning to get recovered and tells you how to shop the look. It's amazing.

When I first heard about Modsy, I was a little skeptical. 3-D furniture? Am I going to get back a crudely drawn Minecraft rendering? I wanted to test it out, though, because it seemed too interesting to pass up.

You can pick any room in your house to be designed, and the tool costs $69 per room. To start the process, you're given a series of questions to help determine your home's style. Which piece of furniture do you like better? Which room are you drawn to? This short quiz narrows down some of your picks in a few minutes so that your designer knows not to give you a medieval dining room with fur-lined thrones (if that's not what you're into).

Next, you need to take a bunch of pictures. Modsy requests a photo from eight different spots in the room you're hoping to redesign, along with a handy guide of where you should be taking these photos. My dog photobombed every one of my living room shots – so you don't have to worry too much about how the room looks currently. You'll also need to submit measurements of the room so that the designer can build your scale accurately.

Here's the shot I started with:

Modsy Living Room Before
Credit: Abigail Wilt

Painful, y'all. I know. Can you spot my dog's curly tail in the background?

Within a few days, I received an email saying that my designs were ready. A part of me was still holding onto the hope that the designer would say, "Wow, you did a great job and we don't have a single suggestion for you. What a cute room! What a cute dog!"

Alas, I was sent two perfectly polished living room designs. Plus, the ability to browse in 360˚ and shop all of the furniture in the room. If you're not in for a complete furniture redo, you can opt to include pieces you already have. Here are the first two Modsy renderings I received:

Modsy Design 1
Credit: Modsy
Modsy Design 2
Credit: Modsy

When I first saw that white sofa in the second shot, I cringed to think of how much black dog hair would show up. I can't have a white sofa with my little pup, y'all! Or velvet. Velvet's a no-go when you've got a furry friend leaving his trail around your living room.

Enter my live style session. Once you've received your renderings, Modsy gives the option of jumping on a call with the designer who worked on your room. This feature, which put me in touch with my very own living room expert Karina, allowed me to swap the color of my sofa, squeeze in some space for my dog in the corner, and browse different price-points of furniture all in the span of about 30 minutes. Your live style session gives you the chance to change anything you'd like about your designs, and then also ask a hundred questions to help the designer better understand what you're looking for. With this feature, your Modsy bill's at $199. But, you'll have unlimited access to your dedicated Modsy designer throughout the process and unlimited revisions on your room.

Here's my latest living room, sans white soda and velvet.

Modsy Design 3
Credit: Modsy

Let me preface this by saying that I do have expensive taste in furniture, even if my wallet sends me to the Goodwill. By the end of my living room style session, my room was, of course, a $17,000 renovation. (But that green sofa!) If you're actually hoping to shop the look of your new space – whether a bedroom, dining room, living room, etc. – you can swap products that are too pricey (like the $1500 white canvas art piece that ended up in my living room) with less expensive options.

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If you're really hoping to get some design inspiration for your home without having to hire an interior designer or leave your sofa, honestly, Modsy is a fun, interesting tool to work with. You can test out pricey pieces to see how they'd look in your space before making the splurge to buy, or just gather some ideas for how you'd like your new home to look. My designs are light, bright, and playful, which is exactly what I tried to outline with my style quiz choices. And, now, Modsy's rolling out a way to change the color of your walls – so you can see exactly what that renovation's going to look like before you buy the paint.