Would you remember the film's palatial pad as much as its iconic main character?

By Marisa Spyker
Iconic Movie Homes
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Any good movie buff can probably tell you the very date Noah and Allie met or the exact length of time Forrest Gump spent marathon running across the United States (three years, two months, 14 days, and 16 hours, in case you're wondering).

Any good movie buff with a thing for beautiful homes, however, is much more focused on the real stars of the films: the real estate. But some homes, it seems, are much more memorable than others, and in an effort to find out which fictional dwellings left the most enduring impression on viewers, remodeling site Porch.com recently put people's movie-and-tv-house IQ to the test.

In a survey of 1,500 movie fans, the site found that respondents were most likely to correctly identify the stunning red-brick Georgian immortalized in the 1990 cult holiday favorite, Home Alone. Considering the palatial digs—a real-life family dwelling outside of Chicago that sold for a whopping $1.5 million in 2015—were a key part of the original film, famously tricked out with Christmas lights and booby traps, it's no surprise viewers would walk away with a lasting impression of the McAllister mansion.

What is surprising, however, are the movie homes viewers didn't recognize. To the dismay of every Southerner and hopeless romantic around, just 6 percent of quiz takers were spot on when identifying the Lowcountry dream of a home in The Notebook—AKA the one Noah spent years rebuilding for Allie. Other less-than-memorable shockers? The mega-mansions portrayed in teen classics Clueless and Mean Girls. Even franchises with devoted cult followings didn't get much house love, with Harry Potter's childhood home and the modern Seattle manse from Twilight ringing bells for just 19 percent and 15 percent of people, respectively.

As far as TV homes go, there's none more iconic than the San Francisco Victorian owned by the Tanner clan. The Full House beauty, which you can actually buy right now if you have an extra $5.7 million lying around, was identified correctly by 62 percent of TV buffs. Other small-screen residences were decidedly less noteworthy—namely, the Matthews family pad from Boy Meets World (recognized by just 2 percent of respondents) and the Bachelor mansion (correctly identified by 7 percent only).

So, what's your favorite iconic movie home? Is it the Home Alone mansion (decked out for the holidays, of course)? Perhaps it's a the stately plantation home from Gone with the Wind, or the 19th-century brick-clad charmer featured in Steel Magnolias. (PSA: It's now a B&B.)

See which movie and tv homes stuck with fans the most right here.

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