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7 Must-Have Products From Amazon That Make Holiday Hosting a Breeze 

Including ceramic dip ramekins you never thought you needed, until now.
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The holiday season is finally here, and if you're hosting at your home this year, it's time to get prepared. There's something about the festive season that makes you want to go above and beyond, adding special touches to each gathering you're hosting—making it the best time to pull out your good china and best linens. But aside from the table fixings, you'll want to remember to add serving details to impress your guests, too.

First things first, make sure your charcuterie boards are ready. It's a simple way to display appetizers and spreads without having to use multiple trays and dishes. And don't forget to get your champagne flutes prepared for an ample amount of toasting and celebrating, too.

Suddenly realizing you need to grab some hosting items? Don't worry. Here are seven hosting products you can shop right now to make entertaining a breeze.

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cheese board set
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Smirly Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

BUY IT: $69.99

Every Southern home needs a large charcuterie board, especially during the holidays. Whether you plan to display an array of meats and cheeses for a Christmas party, or sweets and treats for a New Year's Eve gathering, add this one that Amazon shoppers deem "stunning" to your home. One reviewer said that the board "adds a beautiful setup and sophistication to all parties. Guests have loved it and ask me constantly where I purchased it."

bluetooth speakers
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Dikaou Led Flame Speaker

BUY IT: $39.99

Shoppers say that this speaker is simply "perfect for nights out on the deck." If you're having guests over, use this speaker that gives off a light warmth and adds a playful element. The LED flames move with the music and add a warm glow to your space.

condiment chip and dip set
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Ceramic Condiment Dip Sauce Ramekins Set

BUY IT: $27.99 (Was $32.99)

To easily keep your favorite sauces and dips organized, you need this ramekin set. The set contains three separate containers with three small bowls that can also hold small bites and hors d'oeuvres. You can keep the food covered with the included lids, too. And don't worry about serving spoons. The set comes with three of them.

SL Champagne Flutes

Stemless Plastic Champagne

BUY IT: $15.99 (Was $19.99)

It's no secret that hosting comes with a clean-up afterward. But don't add more to your plate with having to wash champagne glasses. Instead, snag these plastic stemless flutes that can be recycled after your gathering. The flutes come in a pack of 24 individual cups. One host said, "these aren't the cheap fragile plastic cups that crack when you look at them; you can almost pinch them shut, and they flex right back. They looked great and were crystal clear. From a distance, you would think these were real glass."

cooling rack
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Checkered Chef Cooling Rack

BUY IT: $13.99 (Was $16.95)

The holidays usually mean more baking, and more baking needs cooling racks. The durable stainless steel racks are the perfect size so that cookies don't fall through the cracks. The shelves are also great for holding grill items, too.

coffee maker
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker

BUY IT: $21.79 (Was $55)

Every gathering needs coffee and dessert after dinner, as there is no better way to end the night than sitting with those you love enjoying a hot cup of joe. This French press enhances flavor thanks to its double filter that blends your favorite coffee with the hot water without leaving grinds behind. The vacuum seal lid also keeps the coffee hot if you can't get right to it.

oyster shells
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Jefferson Street Ceramic Oyster Shells

BUY IT: 69.99

If you want to display oysters so they're easy for your guests to grab, snag these ceramic shells. The shells look like natural oyster shells, but have a larger shape, making the ceramic replicas great for holding fresh oysters with a neater presentation. You can also pop the shells into the oven—they can withstand heat so that you can add your favorite recipes to the inside portion of the shell. The set comes with 12 ceramic-crafted oyster shells.