18 Tips For Shopping Hobby Lobby Like A Pro

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Hobby Lobby
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Have you ever been to a Hobby Lobby, the world's largest privately-owned craft store? It is a Pinterest wonderland! This Oklahoma-born company has more than 900 locations selling everything from framing to floral to furniture and fabric, and there's always a sale. Weekly sales are a major highlight for many Hobby Lobby shoppers. Hobby Lobby aficionados have many insider tips to maximize their crafting ventures, so here are some practices for shopping at this store.

Know When to Shop

Christmas and Holiday Decor

Fans of Hobby Lobby know it's a must-shop for holiday and seasonal decor. Multiple clearance events occur for Christmas and other major holidays, so paying attention to weekly sales, email newsletters, and social or app notifications will help you maximize these sales. At times, holiday decorations can be up to 90 percent off, usually in the summer.

Don't Shop Online

While a lot of shopping has moved online, Hobby Lobby is one retailer that values in-store purchases. You can often find better sales and clearance events by shopping at a retail location, so only shop online if free shipping is available, and you cannot visit a brick-and-mortar location.

Don't Shop on Truck Delivery Days

On "truck delivery days," inventory is restocked, so this is the least likely day for items to be on sale. The longer it sits on the shelf, the more discounts you'll receive.

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Shop Specific Craft Supplies

Shop for Fabric

Weekly sales on fabric make shopping at Hobby Lobby worthwhile for any quilter or fabric-lover. The yarn sells for up to 30 percent often.

Shop Furniture and Home Decor

Hobby Lobby has many on-trend home decor items without the lofty price tag—everything from rustic side tables to enormous wall clocks and fabric-covered chairs. There is often a 50 percent off sale on home decor items and 30 percent off furniture at all times. These would be perfect for a dorm room statement piece or first apartment. Kids and even the guys aren't left out. There are adorable décor items for that little prince or princess in your family and masculine wall art for a man's cave.

Jewelry-Making Supplies

Hobby Lobby sells up to 50 percent off crafting and jewelry-making supplies monthly.

Shop the Sales

Clearance Aisles

Hobby Lobby is known for its legendary clearance aisles. Slightly damaged items or out of season sell for discounted prices, sometimes up to 90 percent off or more.

Shop Weekly Sales Ads

Every week there are new sales throughout the store. Fliers are located at the front of the store, in newspaper circulars, on the website, and the app. You can find discounts anywhere from 30 to 50 percent off on things such as ribbon, soap-making supplies, scrapbooking, picture frames, party supplies, custom framing, lamps, and more.

Plan Ahead for Sales

If the item you need is not on sale, it most likely will be soon. There is a rotation in virtually every department, but things like cake decorating items, kid's crafts, and party supplies rarely go on sale.

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Enroll in Savings

Create a Wish List

By creating a free account and adding items to your account's wish list, you'll automatically enroll in emails that send coupons and discounted prices. Sign up for these weekly emails to learn about upcoming sale items.

Download the App

The app is excellent for checking sales, weekly ads, and buying online. Once a daily staple, you can occasionally find the coveted 40 percent off anything coupon when using the app.

Follow Social Media

Just like any retailer, Hobby Lobby knows where to find customers. Social media advertises discounts to its loyal fan base. These short-term sales can be highly beneficial for those waiting for notifications or checking sites regularly.

Be Crafty About Sales

Ask for Discounts on Damaged Goods

Occasionally, a discount on a damaged item is available, but you must be willing to ask for it. Not every damaged item is eligible as items are often already discounted.

Shopping for Out-of-Stock Items

If there is a sale you can't resist, but your local Hobby Lobby does not carry the item, a manager should be able to order it for you and have it shipped to the store. Note: holiday décor and seasonal items probably aren't available to be re-ordered, but it shouldn't be a problem for most things they regularly carry.

Be a Hobby Lobby Employee

There are many reasons to want to work at Hobby Lobby if you love to shop at these stores. Stores are closed Sundays, close at 8 p.m. daily, and employees receive a 15% discount.

Use Discounts for Charitable Purchases

Hobby Lobby wants to give back to its community, so when shopping for churches, schools, and national charitable organizations, a 10 percent discount applies for these purchases.

Competitors' Ads

Hobby Lobby honors competitors' ads if a specific price is listed.

Take a Rain Check

You can ask for a "rain check" when a specific item is on sale at your local Hobby Lobby. Entire groups of merchandise will not apply to this category, but personnel can assist with determining whether or not your purchase applies.

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