"Trends are meant to come in and go out."


Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri are best known for being HGTV's ‘The Cousins'. The charismatic duo have been a part of the construction industry for years. However, it wasn't until 2007, that Anthony and John joined forces and took the home improvement world by storm.

They've renovated a large number of homes. One of their favorite projects was rebuilding the home of two first responders who saved lives during Hurricane Sandy. ‘The Cousins' gave back to these heroic individuals and helped give them a new home.

Recently, Anthony and John decided to try their hands at a children's books and created "What Can You Do With a Toolbox?". The playful piece of literature was inspired by children's fascination with tolls and building.

Though they're dabbling in a new type of art, both Anthony and John are loyal to their first love. Watch the video above for more home improvement advice from this creative pair.