Grab your makeup bag and get creative on October 31.
Halloween Cat Makeup
Credit: KidStock/Getty Images

A great Halloween costume doesn't have to be expensive or require professional makeup training. Grab your makeup bag and get creative with what you already have. These five Halloween makeup tricks can be pulled off at the last minute with cosmetics you already own.


Key tools – body glitter, pastel makeup
Trick it out – If you consider yourself a rather inexperienced makeup artist, this is the Halloween look for you. It's simple, fun, and easy to master. Using different shades of pastel eyeshadow, create a wing-like design around your eyes. Following the shape of a 3 around either eye is a great way to accomplish a fairy wing look. The secret is to go big and bold with color. Remember: fairies are bright and festive.

Black-and-White Film Character

Key tools – black and white face and body paint sticks
Trick It out – Have you ever dreamed of being one of your favorite characters from Casablanca or It's A Wonderful Life? Halloween is the ideal opportunity to dress up as an iconic black-and-white film personality. Here's the tip: take a photo of yourself and put it through a black-and-white filter before starting your makeup. This will help you visualize what parts of your face should be darker and where you should keep things light. After that simply highlight and contour your farcical features using only shades of black, white, and grey.


Key tools – iridescent scales, rhinestones
Trick it out – Who doesn't want to channel their inner Ariel and become a majestic mermaid for the evening? The trick with this look is to stick with deep shades of blue, green, and purple when applying your makeup. Glistening eyeshadow with white highlights brings the Halloween makeup together. Don't forget to add rhinestones and iridescent scales sporadically on your face using body adhesive to take style to the next level.

Emoji Face

Key tools – face paint, black eyeliner
Trick it out – If you prefer funny over cute Halloween makeup, give emoji face a try. It's arguably the easiest of the bunch, and it'll get a good laugh. You'll simply need to draw a yellow circle on your face and fill it in (exactly like an emoji). From there it's customizable! Aim to create your favorite emoji. For example, is the heart eyes emoji your go-to? Then draw hearts over each of your eyes with red eyeliner. It's as easy as that.


Key tools – fangs, fake blood
Trick it out – Being a vampire for Halloween is a classic choice. In fact it's one of the most common costumes every year. But contrary to popular belief, this look doesn't have to be difficult or gory. The goal is to stick with a black and red color scheme. Start with a simple smoky eye using black and grey eyeshadow. Go with a red lip, fangs, and a drop of fake blood on the corner of your mouth to complete the look.


Key tools—bronzer, concealer, eyeliner, mascaraTrick it out–Mastering the look requires two things, creating both the doe-eyed effect, and bambi-worthy white spots. After you've done your makeup as usual, exaggerate your eyes with false lashes and cat-eye liner, making sure to go heavy in the corners. Next, layer on the bronzer, to give that golden deer color. Now, it's time to dab on those adorable white spots. Use concealer on top of your bronzed complexion. Use a cue tip to help you achieve small dots on your cheeks and forehead.


Key tools — Black EyelinerTrick it out – Definitely the simplest on our list, and arguably the cutest, the cat only requires one thing—black eyeliner. Start by making a black dot on the tip of your nose. Then draw three black lines on each check in a fan-like arrangement. It's the purr-fect easy costume.


Key tools—Fishnet Stockings, metallic green and blue eyeshadow, HairsprayTrick it out – Getting realistic scales is actually ultra-simple with help of fishnet stocking and metallic green and blue eyeshadow. Pull the stockings (carefully!) over your face, then begin to layer on the metallic shadow. Close your eyes, and give your face a light spritz of hairspray to keep the shadow in place. Carefully remove the stockings and voila! You will be transformed into a sparkling sea creature! WATCH: DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids


Key tools — Red Lipstick, Black EyelinerTrick it out – First comes the patchwork, then come the stitches. Start with two half-dollar sized circles of orangey-red lipstick on the apples of your cheeks and a triangle on the bridge of your nose. Then use black eyeliner to outline them and create hash marks on the outline. Next, starting at the corner of your mouth and ending about an inch from your jawline draw black lines on each side. Finally, give those lines vertical hash marks. Throw on a hat and some overalls, and you're bonafide scarecrow.

Flower Child

Key tools —Eyeliner, Colorful EyeshadowTrick it out –This look is as simple as doodling, so get creative! Use colorful eyeliner and shadows to draw flowers and other psychedelic shapes around your eyes. You can do anything you like, but for a little more direction we recommend doing an asymmetrical motif and creating a crescent shape with flowers around one eyes. It's groovy!