Low Country Living in Habersham, South Carolina: A Southern Living Inspired Community

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Located on the Harbor River under the mossy oaks, Habersham is the ideal spot to call home. Marked by its' Southern charm and friendly neighbors, the community was built around the low country landscape, encompassing the environment, rather than disturbing it. The master planned community encompasses the idealistic Southern Lifestyle, linking neighbors with paths, communal spaces and a town center. The Southern Living Inspired Community embraces its pride of place and encourages new traditions of living in the South.

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Porch Envy

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Homes in Habersham are thoughtfully designed to incorporate porches as social gathering meccas throughout the community. You will see plenty of people out enjoying their porches with family and friends. Not only are porches a great way for families to spend some quality time together, but with everyone out on their porches, the neighborhood truly comes to life. Stories, laughter, visiting, and sounds of meals shared fill the air.

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Coastal Waterways

Grace Sailboat Water
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The coastal region of southern South Carolina is at the heart of the Lowcountry. A place where the tides govern the lives of the people and the wildlife that makes the region unique and captivating. Habersham, located between Charleston and Savannah, very well could be the ideal location to take advantage of all the beautiful places to see in the Lowcountry. Turn your visit into reality and find your next home at Habersham.

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Welcome Home!

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Marked by its Southern charm and warmest welcome, the homes of Habersham are designed with classical detailing and proportion that define this timeless architecture. You are sure to catch idyllic scenes like this regularly, just one of it’s many benefits. All you have to do is walk outside to feel like you’ve been transported to a peaceful getaway, without even leaving your porch.

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Low Country Living

Blue House Black Shutters Corner

Habersham’s thoughtful design focuses on the same characteristic homes of the lowcountry region as well as introduces new and innovative ideas that showcase Southern elegance. These houses sure have character, tree-lined streets, golf carts around every corner and kids riding bikes at every turn, are what make the community unique and special. This corner of the South maintains a timeless feel with an overall goal of keeping the sense of community in tact throughout the development process.

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It’s all about the details!

Garden Shed Aqua Door
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Much like the design of the home, the garden and garden shed are equally as important. Utilizing the space, incorporating peaceful elements such as the fountain and wind chimes are easy additions that add a lot of character to the space. This is just another way to have your own personal getaway right in the comfort of your back yard. You can create the space just as you would like it.

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Creating a Community

Habersham Post Office Building
Jessica Ashley

Mindful architectural components, like a centralized post office and porches that connect to the street, foster community and create a strong social focus. Thoughtful planning and design have given the community a wide variety of home types, retail and communal gathering spaces, with a strong connection to nature. The building has even hosted events such as movie nights on the lawn.

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Surrounded by Nature

Long Dock Sunset Marsh

Nature engulfs the homes of Habersham. Thoughtful design and mindful planning have contributed to preserving the natural surroundings – marshes and mossy oaks. Situated on the Broad River and only minutes away from the quaint town of Beaufort, South Carolina, Habersham is the idyllic place to call home. In a place where docks are not hard to come by, come take a breather and relax amongst good company. Soak in the quiet tranquility of the South!

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Well-Lived Life

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Thoughtful design and a simple way of life have shaped the Habersham community to focus on its neighbors and natural surroundings. The simplicity of life at Habersham enables neighbors to focus on well-being and living life to the fullest. Oak-lined streets, parks, southern architecture and gracious porches encourage strolls throughout the neighborhood. Recipient of the “Best in American Living” Platinum Award for Best Neighborhood Design from the National Association of Home Builders. Southern Living named Habersham their "Inspired Community of the Year" for 2015.

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