15 Affordable Amazon Finds That Bring Back Memories of Grandma's House

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grandmother in apron baking
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If anybody had told your teenage self that your grandmother's house was the coolest, you would've said, "No way!" But, today, that just may be the case. With the rise in grandmillennial style and an emphasis on retro-cool products in home and design, some of Memaw's granny chic décor and fashion choices have made a deserving comeback. There's her potbellied stove (now in sleeker models that still give you that wood fire glow); her wicker porch furniture (yes, we confess to opting for the resin variety that can handle the elements, but we aspire to the real deal); and her vast array of houseplants (even newbie gardeners can keep a philodendron alive). But there's more. We took to Amazon and found all kinds of retro-cool, grandmillennial products that are as popular with the younger generation as with Grandma. You can thank us—and your grandmother—later.

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Cast Iron

Lodge cast iron double Dutch oven

We don't need to tell you Memaw's cast iron is a family treasure, do we? The lid to this 5-quart Dutch oven does double duty as a skillet, and the loop handles help secure your gumbo.

BUY IT: Lodge Pre-Seasoned 5-Quart Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven, $49.90; amazon.com

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A Fancy Cake Stand

glass footed platter

If you don't already have a cake stand, now is the time to invest in one. Even if you don't make your grandmother's red velvet showstopper cake, you'll love dressing up your party table with this footed platter—just a touch of retro elegance that's neutral enough to work anywhere.

BUY IT: StudioSilversmiths 30031 Renaissance Footed Platter, $28.35; amazon.com

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Printed Sheets

laura ashley sheets
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Nothing says grandmillennial like a classic set of Laura Ashley sheets. These comeback favorite will look just as nice in your bedroom, guest room, or even your little girl's room in a pastel pattern like paisley or floral.

BUY IT: Laura Ashley Sheets, $39.09; amazon.com

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Glass Pitcher

glass pitcher
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Presentation was key at Grandma's house, whether she was at home alone or with company. Upgrade your nighttime glass of water with this energy in mind by setting a rattan-wrapped carafe and tumblers on your nightstand.

BUY IT: EVEREST GLOBAL Bedside Carafe Set With Tumblers, $89.99; amazon.com

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The Butter Bell

Butter Bell

Southern grandmas know that softened butter is a must for baking, spreading onto toast, and more. To make sure there is always room temperature butter, she probably kept it on the counter. Enter the Butter Bell: the solution for keeping butter safe and just the right consistency for spreading.

BUY IT: Butter Bell, $26.95; amazon.com

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Kitchen Apron

Maison d' Hermine Apron

Even when you're sifting and stirring and kneading and baking that sourdough, you'll still look stylish. Your grandmother's kitchen apron gets a modern twist.

BUY IT: FSK Cotton Canvas Kitchen Apron, $18.03; amazon.com

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Porch Swing

Amish Porch Swing

It's the ultimate in grandma chic. She holds court from her porch swing, and so should you, This one is well-crafted to last through many, many pitchers of sweet tea. (Can support 800 pounds; 5 feet long.)

BUY IT: Amish Heavy Duty Roll Back Treated Swing, $274.99; amazon.com

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Corningware Blue Cornflower

Corningware Blue Cornflower

Yes, you can buy cheaper Corningware. But not this one, the set with the blue cornflower pattern we grew up with. Just try setting it on your table without thinking of Grandma and all the other great cooks in your family.

BUY IT: CorningWare 60th Anniversary Cornflower 4 Piece Measuring Bowl Set; $22.40, amazon.com

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Rotary Dial Telephone

rotary dial telephone

If you're a child of the digital age, you've missed the joy of dialing. There's just something about that sound. This vintage beauty landliner comes with speaker phone and redial.

BUY IT: IRISVO Rotary Dial Telephone, $53.99; amazon.com

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Botanical Wallpaper

taupe floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper doesn't have to be a symphony in chintz. Fresh and modern florals can add just the right oomph to an accent wall, powder room, entry hall—endless possibilities. Bonus: Peel-and-stick simplifies the process considerably.

BUY IT: NuWallpaper NU2679 Mirei Peel & Stick Wallpaper, $22.99 per 30.75 square feet; amazon.com

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A Clothesline


Nothing smells as fresh and clean as clothes dried in the open air. You don't need two strong oaks or even much yard space to enjoy this modern take on a clothesline, which is big enough to handle your favorite sundresses, yet collapses into an easily stored size.

BUY IT: Joom Retractable Clothesline, $32.99; amazon.com

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Rotary Fan

rotary fan

Granny knew a thing or two about air circulation. This brushed nickel Hunter fan takes her coolant of choice up a notch. It oscillates, tilts, and has 3 speeds (but note the granny chic retro style of the control).

BUY IT: HUNTER 90400 Retro Table Fan, $104.99; amazon.com

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A Decorative Tray

vintage tray
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Channel your ancestors past by having trays for trinkets and loose-ends (jewels, pocket change, your lipstick) in just the right places—by your bedside, in the bathroom, on the coffee table, you name it. Practical and pretty.

BUY IT: Warmtree Vintage Decorative Tray, $13.99; amazon.com

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Ceramic Planters

ceramic planters
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Surround yourself with an assortment of freshly planted pots. We love this elegant trio because it will fit blooms of in various shapes and sizes—plus it comes in our favorite color combo, blue and white.

BUY IT: Ceramic Planters, Set of 3, $37.99; amazon.com

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Rattan Tray

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Nothing says "hostess with the mostest" like a nice serving dish. Use this hand-woven tray to hold sweet tea, lemonade, or margaritas while company is over, then display it on a table with a candle, books, or barware for everyday use.

BUY IT: Hand-Woven Rattan Serving Tray, $28.99; amazon.com

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