11 Things That Instantly Remind You of Grandma's House

Cross-Stitched Designs
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It's been said that grandmas never run out of hugs or cookies. That's one reason why a visit to Grandma's house is always the most exciting day of the year. We have such happy memories of long, cozy visits to our grandmothers' houses with our families. We still crave Grandma's cooking and love to revisit the vivid memories of the sights, sounds, and sayings (not to mention the delicious smells from the kitchen) that we found there. Of course, there are also a few items that, every time we see them, immediately remind us of those visits to Grandma's. Whether it's Grandma's china pattern or a slice of warm blueberry pie, when we encounter certain everyday objects, foods, and fabrics, they're imbued with meaning because they're attached to our memories of our grandmothers. With just a glimpse of these things, our minds are transported to childhood days playing at Grandma's (and gobbling up whatever she baked that day). What reminds you of your grandmother's house? What are the foods you ate, the games you played, and the decor you saw every time you visited?

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Decorative Plates

Turkey Plates
Laurey W. Glenn

A wall of decorative plates is oh-so Grandma. These plates don't belong on the dining table—Grandma's collection is so beautiful, it belongs displayed on a wall or shown off in a cabinet.

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A Pie in the Oven

A Pie in the Oven
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Cherry, pecan, pumpkin, blackberry, peach—Grandma can make it all. Whenever a delicious scent wafts from the oven, you know a slice of Grandma's famous pie is sure to follow. (Make the pictured pie with our recipe for Honey Balsamic Blueberry Pie.)

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A Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine
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Whether it's clothing for a baby doll, a dress for a grandchild, or a makeshift cape for a superhero in training, Grandma has serious skills with the sewing machine. Something new and exciting and beautiful always emerges from her sewing (or knitting, crocheting, or embroidering) hour.

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Werther's Original Hard Candies

Werther’s Original Hard Candies

Who doesn't love a Werther's? There are dishes of them everywhere you look at Grandma's, and they're the one candy we're sure to have a taste of on a visit to her house. (Craving a Werther's? Find them at amazon.com.)

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Classic Board Games

Classic Board Games
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Grandma has the good games—usually, they're the board games that Mom and Dad also played when they were kids. Grandma always knows exactly which puzzle, game, or toy will keep the kids busy on a rainy afternoon.

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A Cookie Jar

A Cookie Jar
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The cookie jar at Grandma's is always full. It's always open, too. Oatmeal raisin, molasses, chocolate chip, peanut butter, gingersnap—you never know what's been freshly baked, but you know it will be scrumptious.

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Ornate Silver

Sterling Silver Flatware
Robbie Caponetto

What's Grandma's silver pattern? Even if you don't know the name, you're sure to have tactile memories of the engravings, grooves, and depressions of the silver pattern you saw on visits to Grandma's.

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Beautiful China

Beautiful China
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When we visit Grandma's house, we're sure to have a meal on the good china, the lovely, classic pattern she's had for ages.

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Elegant Linens

Bedding in Linen Closet
Laurey W. Glenn

Grandma. Knows. Her. Linens. She knows them, and she loves them.

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Stylish Window Dressings and Wallpapers

Eric Piasecki

No one does pattern like Grandma. Our memories of Grandma's house have backdrops of her window dressings, wall paint colors, wallpaper designs, and furniture fabrics, memories of childhood we take with us everywhere.

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Cross-Stitched Designs

Cross-Stitched Designs
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Grandma has a style all her own, and she's sure to have a few cross-stitched designs hung on her wall or adorning the pillows on her sofa. (That is, unless she's a cross-stitch fiend, in which case more than a few of these handmade designs can be found in her abode.)

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