Our Favorite Names for Southern Grandfathers

Southern Grandfather Names
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When it comes to grandfathers in the South, they're full of character. They support us at every little league game, dance recital, and spelling bee. Best of all, these mighty men will always put us first.

Some Southern grandfathers are named for family traditions, while others come from left field. We've collected a few of our favorite Southern grandfather names here to help you decide what to call the ultimate man in your family. Whether you go with Pawpaw, Peepaw, or Gramps, your grandfather will always be one of a kind.

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Grandfather Name: Baba

It's a term of endearment for grandfathers and fathers around the world.

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Southern Grandfather Names Skipper
Southern Living

Perfect for a Navy veteran or lover of all things fishing and seabound.

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Grandfather Name: Bubba

It's an uncomplicated first word to call your beloved grandfather.

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Grandfather Name: Da-Da

It's many babies' first "word," so what better name to call a grandfather.

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Grandfather Name: Gamps

A cute abbreviation for "grandpa," it's a charming moniker.

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Southern Grandfather Names Papster
Southern Living

A unique spin on "papa," this name is one of a kind.

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Grandfather Name: Gampy

Like "gamps," this sweet moniker is a name your grandkids will be excited to call out during every visit.

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Grandfather Name: G-Da

Shorthand never sounded more like hugs and great memories.

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Southern Grandfather Names Grady
Southern Living

Meaning "noble and illustrious" in Irish, this is the perfect name for a strong patriarch in your family.

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Grandfather Name: Gramps

It's a classic abbreviation but offers new cherished memories for every family.

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Grandather Name: Grampy

An iteration of "gramps."

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Grandfather Name: Granda

Somehow removing one letter from "grandpa" makes this nickname sound more personal and full of character.

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Southern Grandfather Names Na
Southern Living

Short and sweet is an excellent way to honor such an important figure in your family.

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Grandfather Name: Grandad

It's formal yet extremely individual and exemplifies the character of your family patriarch.

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Grandfather Name: Grandaddy

As "daddy" might be one of your grandkid's first words, adding "grand" to the front of this work will be a logical jump.

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Southern Grandfather Names Pépé
Southern Living

A double name fits the French translation of the title "grandpa."

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Grandfather Name: Grandiddy

For a bit of spin on "grandaddy," try personalizing this nickname with a little letter change.

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Granfather Name: Grandpa

It's a classic name for a classy man.

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Big Paw

Southern Grandfather Names Big Paw
Southern Living

As "paw" and "paw-paw" are popular nicknames, for the grandest man in your family's life, "Big Paw" only makes sense.

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Grandfather Name: Granpappy

For a respectable version of "grandpa" and "pappy," try adding the two together.

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Grandfather Name: Grandpop

The nickname "pops" has a nostalgic and universal ring, so adding "grand" to the front end makes it a bit more specific.

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Grandfather Name: Gumpy

Don't mistake this name for grumpy. This nickname is just as endearing as "grampy" or any other shorthead designed specifically for grandfathers.

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Big Daddy

Southern Grandfather Names Big Daddy
Southern Living

It's similar to "big paw," but for the patriarchal influencer in your family, this name might suit.

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Grandfather Name: Nono

It's a take on "nonno," the Italian word for grandfather.

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Southern Grandfather Names Poppa
Southern Living

You love "pops," so make it a proper Southern nickname by doubling it.

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Grandfather Name: Opa

A delightful way to use the German translation of "grandpa."

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Southern Grandfather Names Poppy
Southern Living

The poppy flower symbolizes love and remembrance.

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Grandfather Name: Pap

Stick with tradition by shortening "grandpa" into a one-syllabus moniker.

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Grandfather Name: Papa

Something about repeating a quick, short nickname makes it automatically sweeter.

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Grandfather Name: Papaw

Just like "Meemaw or Maw-Maw" are used for Southern grandmothers, this is a popular nickname for Southern grandfathers.

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Grandfather Name: Papou

The most common Greek name for grandfather is "pappous," so this nickname is derived from that translation.

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Grandfather Name: Pappy

Is he happy? Of course, he's "Pappy."

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Grandfather Name: Paps

It's another common nickname, but the "paps" in your life is still one of a kind.

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Grandfather Name: Paw

A Southern classic. This short nickname holds a significant role in your family.

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Southern Grandfather Names Granddad
Southern Living

It's an honorable name for a commanding presence.

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Grandfather Name: Paw-Paw

Love the nickname "paw"? Add more Southern charm to it by doubling it.

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Grandfather Name: Peepaw

Like "Meemaw," life is sweeter with "Peepaw."

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Grandfather Name: Pop

Sometimes used for father, "pop" is a universal term of endearment.

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Grandfather Name: Pop-Pop

Double names are a tradition in the South–even when discussing nicknames.

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Grandfather Name: Pops

It's a short, sweet, and perfect expression of a nickname for grandfathers.

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