Grab the bath bomb and your wine glass—it’s gonna be awhile. 
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Bath Pillow
Credit: Amazon

Gone are the days of taking a so-so bath in a so-so tub. The bath tubs we see now on Instagram are a far cry from the lukewarm suds that we used to settle for. Nowadays it's all fizzy bath bombs, stress-relieving essential oils, trendy bath soaks (whatever that means), and bath caddies so tricked out that we start to wonder when the caviar and Prosecco is going to arrive. It's all about self-care, and we're here for it. After a long, stressful day, all of us deserve nothing less than to have a soak in a hot bath with bubbles, tunes, and a good book.

But if you've ever actually tried to have a soak in a hot bath, you know the dirty secret: It's unsuspectingly uncomfortable on your neck and spine. So how do those bath aficionados do it night after night? Easy. They invest in a bath pillow—something that once seemed superfluous to us and now seems of the utmost importance. And there's a popular Amazon bath pillow that has been waiting to give your hard porcelain bath tub a touch of plush. It'll make you want to stick around for hours after every bubble is long burst.

The Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow is made to hit any size tub at just the right spot to support your neck and back, using seven suction cups to ensure there is no slipping or adjusting whenever you reach up to grab something. Foam padding makes your soak way more comfortable, while the waterproof material keeps mold and mildew away, no matter how many times a week you use it. (We won't tell.)

Amazon Bath Pillow
Credit: Amazon

Shoppers like Jayme B. sing five-star praises: "This pillow is my best friend on a rough day! Suction cups hold well so it stays in place and just where I need it...I'm able to sit up and relax completely without slipping down into the water." 

You can even upgrade to the larger-sized bath pillow with three panels (as opposed to two), if you're in need of extra support and comfort. Shop the original Gorilla Grip bath pillow here. 

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Bath time isn't just about the basics anymore. Time to upgrade that self-care routine.