Full Circle Tenacious C Cast Iron Brush and Scraper, Bamboo Handle
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

This Brush Cleans the Crustiest Messes Off Cast Iron Cookware in a Matter of Minutes

The scrubbing magic has earned it over 10,000 perfect ratings.
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Nothing quite compares to the cooking capabilities of a good cast iron pan. Everything from a delicious steak to an enormous ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie can be made in one of these. But as wonderful as they are, getting them sparkling clean without ruining their seasoned coating can be difficult. That is, unless you have the right dishwashing tool.

Full Circle's Tenacious C cast iron brush is built for the job and turns sticky, crusty skillets into clean pans in a matter of minutes. With its sturdy bristles and a built-in scraper, even last night's leftovers are no match for its scrubbing abilities. Its qualities are so impressive that a whopping 10,000 shoppers gave it a five-star rating. 

Full Circle Tenacious C Cast Iron Brush and Scraper, Bamboo Handle
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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With all the myths about cast iron out there, it can be hard to determine the best method of cleaning that won't damage your precious cooking tools. But this particular brush is determined to leave you with no scratches or remaining food bits. "Run your cast iron under hot water and give this brush a good scrub around the pan and you are done," explained one pleased reviewer. "Takes less than a minute to clean anything off my cast iron."

The bristles are made of plastic with a reinforced coating so they stay strong and durable, but are not tough enough to scrape up your cast iron. There's also a scraper on the back to help you tackle anything that doesn't budge with a few strokes of the brush. But, as one shopper put it, "I have yet to encounter a mess on my pan that it couldn't clean while keeping my seasoning lovely and untouched."

The brush-scraper duo is quite environmentally friendly, too. Its bristles are made of recycled plastic and covered in a BPA-free coating, and the handle is constructed of hardy bamboo. But the sustainability factor doesn't dampen the effectiveness of this brush. In fact, many reviewers noted that soap and other cleaning solutions aren't needed to get a quick and thorough clean.

Even the beloved chain mail scrubber method has been set aside for this brush. "I used to use my stainless chain mail to clean my cast iron, and that was difficult because I use scalding hot water," wrote one reviewer. "This brush allows me to use the brush with scalding hot water and not burn my hand."Give your cast iron cookware the tender-but-tough loving care it deserves with a brush that gets a good clean, but doesn't do any damage.