I Put Out This Mosquito Zapper One Night, And There Were Hundreds of Dead Bugs By Morning

Crazy, but true.

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Flowtron Bug Zapper

Summer in the South is synonymous with many things. Peach cobbler? Yes. Sunset porch hangs? Always. Tomato sandwiches? Sure. Bugs, bugs, and more bugs? Sounds about right. That is, if you can hear us over the buzzing around your ears or read this while the gnats descend upon your eyes.

Out here, the mosquitoes don't care if you're trying to have a family cookout with an ice-cold Ranch Water. They're out for blood. Literally. Over Fourth of July weekend, I'd had enough. We'd been spending plenty of time outside, and I had the bug bites around my ankles to prove it. What better time to coax my dad into finally setting up the high-tech bug zapper I'd gotten him for Father's Day?

So, the day before the Fourth of July family barbecue, we put it out with few expectations. The morning after, I walked out to total carnage. Hundreds of bugs littered around the bug-zapping light, and not a mosquito in sight. The family barbecue went on without a hitch — none of the usual rigorous bug-swatting needed. If you, too, struggle with mosquitoes and bugs, there's no question of what device to invest in: the Flowtron.

It looks akin to your run-of-the-mill bug zapper, but acts like its scary big brother. The model I gifted to my dad covers one whole acre, which was more than enough to help alleviate our porch and immediate yard of total bug takeover. Along with the bug-attracting bulb, it comes with a mosquito attractant to insert underneath the Flowtron that has been tested to be way more efficient at attracting and eradicating mosquitoes compared to other bug zappers. However, it doesn't only attract mosquitoes. It gets rid of all sorts of bugs, which is why we found so many scattered the following day.

For us, it provided very noticeable relief in just hours. It comes with a short plug and requires an outlet, so we attached an extension cord to allow us to place it out of sight and far enough away to do its thing without attracting bugs near where we were congregating. One piece of advice: There will be many — many — bugs, so put it somewhere you can easily sweep them away or where they're fine to stay.

If you want to take care of bugs in your outdoor space, shop the Flowtron below. Plus, it makes a great gift. Dad-approved!

Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer

Flowtron Bug Zapper

This model covers one acre, and you can choose to add on an extra bulb, mosquito attractant, or a timer.

BUY IT: $39.98; amazon.com

Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer, Half-Acre

Flowtron Bug Zapper

This model covers a half-acre and is slightly more compact, making it ideal for smaller yards.

BUY IT: $35.98; amazon.com

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