It's the gardening hack your potted plants have been missing.

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If you're convinced that acquiring a green thumb is beyond your realm of personal possibility, think again. Even if you've tried all the tips and tricks to no avail, we're here to tell you that there's one more strategy you need to try. Coffee filters are about to come to your rescue. Hear us out: You don't need major gardening chops to employ this technique, and best of all, it will make tending your potted plants a little bit easier.

In addition to making the perfect cup of coffee, coffee filters can also assist in garden maintenance. What's their secret? Drainage. Placing a coffee filter at the bottom of your potted plant, between the pot and the soil, will allow optimal drainage while keeping your soil nice and tidy. No longer will a mudslide of soil escape the bottom of the pot along with the pour of water you've just deposited. No mess, no how—all thanks to the addition of one inexpensive coffee filter. It will keep the soil healthier and better drained, and your plants will thank you.

According to Popsugar Smart Living, "Coffee filters are also seriously absorbent, so you can skip a watering here and there and not end up with a dried-up disaster." Sounds good to us. We'll try any tip that offers the potential for less frequent watering. Better Homes and Gardens agrees and reminds gardeners, "Keep in mind, overwatering is one of the most common ways to kill a houseplant. Doing so cuts off the air supply to the roots. Additionally, it can cause root rot." We certainly don't want that. BHG recommends keeping an eye on the soil to make sure it's both adequately watered and draining properly; they also recommend checking "the moisture levels of the soil by sticking your finger in up to your knuckle."

The takeaway? Coffee filters may be your answer to several gardening challenges. Employ them in your flower pots this season to make your herb garden tidier and your plants happier. (Here's the case for keeping a few coffee filters on hand in the living room, too.)

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What other clever uses have you found for coffee filters? What are some of your favorite alternative uses for kitchen supplies?