When she thought all hope was lost, I found an easy way to send them.
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My mom is the kind of person who buys flowers whenever she can. Growing up, we’d always have flowers on the coffee table, in the kitchen, in the bedroom — wherever she could find a space, she’d fill it with flowers. It’s practically kismet: Her name, Florentina, literally means “to bloom” in Italian. 

To this day, she still puts them everywhere. So when most locations that sold flowers in New York City closed due to the spread of coronavirus, she was alarmingly upset. While it was obvious to me that florists would be closed during this time, to her, flowers are an essential. Not being able to buy a fresh bouquet — something she’s told me is her “therapy” — is more than a minor inconvenience. 

I had already been planning to surprise her with flowers for her birthday, but this year, she emphasized that it was the only thing she wanted. Fortunately, online flower delivery services are still shipping flowers during this time. My dad and I were able to order her dozens of flowers (enough to fill up several vases), and let’s just say she was beyond ecstatic. 

If you’re looking to send a bouquet or two yourself, Urbanstems has beautiful options available that come in gift-ready vases. Some even feature a little treat on the side, like skin care, a candle, or candy.

The Pink Champagne and The Firecracker Split
Credit: Urbanstems

Buy It: $68–$90; urbanstems.com; $70; urbanstems.com

Flowers can express a multitude of sentiments, which is what makes them more important than ever right now. During a time when many of us are stuck indoors and unable to see each other in person, flowers can say so much: “I love you,” “I miss you,” “Hope you feel better soon,” “Thank you.” I’ve made a promise to myself to try and get my mom flowers monthly since they make her so happy, and Urbanstems makes that super easy with its flower subscription service.

Whether it’s for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or even a self-care gift, flowers are one of the best gifts to send right now. They’re an easy way to brighten up any space and a gentle reminder that life can still be sweet and colorful even through the toughest of times.

La Vie en Rose
Credit: Urbanstems

Buy It: $120; urbanstems.com