See why we are dubious of the second floor laundry room trend.


Home building trend research tells us that many people are building laundry rooms on the second story of their homes to be closer to more bedrooms (and closets). We understand the logic, but we think that uprooting your laundry room to the second floor would be a very costly and shortsighted move. If you are fortunate to have space for two laundry rooms, we will not fault you on an upstairs and downstairs spaces. In fact, we'll be envious. But here is why we are first floor laundry room loyalists.

Homeowners' convenience

The vast majority of homes have first floor master bedrooms. We are willing to go out on a limb of logic and bet that the occupants of the master bedroom are the chief laundress launderer of the home. Shouldn't you place the laundry room on the floor that's closest to the home's permanent inhabitants? We think so.

Safer plumbing

Washing machines often have leaks. A leak on the first floor is a different story – one that costs a whole lot less - than a leak on a second floor which could be harder to access and could cause the ceiling to fall through. Installing a new washing machine on the second floor can also be trickier and more problematic than on the first floor. It's no coincidence that laundry rooms are usually located near the kitchen or another bathroom – that's where it's easiest to tap in existing water lines.

Reduced noise level

The thumping ruckus that bunched up sheets and towels in a dryer can cause is best relegated far from a bedroom. It's hard to tuck a second story laundry room somewhere that is not close to a bedroom. And the thumping ruckus from sheets does not happen every time, but the dryer's finished signal does which isn't helpful to fulfilling your eight hours.