Leather-Bound E-Reader Cover

This Kindle E-Reader Cover That Looks Like a Real Leather-Bound Book Is Made for Bibliophiles

Give your technology an old-fashioned makeover.
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It's hard to deny the convenience of portable e-readers like the Kindle. They're easy to bring on road trips and plane rides without weighing down your bag, and for very avid readers, they help save money and keep clutter to a minimum after your bookshelves are already buckling under your collection. You can choose a new book from the comfort of your bed or couch, which is basically any literature lover's dream. 

However, despite all the winning qualities of e-readers nowadays, it's hard not to miss the look of a real book. Luckily, there's an aesthetically pleasing hack for that. Much like the bibliophile-inspired laptop covers out there, there is an e-reader cover that looks just like a leather-bound book, so you get all the tech-savvy form and function with the feeling and appearance of cozying up by the fire with an old Jane Austen novel. 

Leather-Bound E-Reader Cover
Credit: Amazon

It makes a sensible purchase that keeps your e-reader safe and clean, while also paying respect to the most classic of hobbies. Even better, when you go to put it on the nightstand or coffee table after browsing a few chapters, it looks neat and old-fashioned, instead of coming across as technology clutter for those concerned with living room or office aesthetic. (Marie Kondo would approve.)

The only catch: This particular case is currently only available for the Kindle Paperwhite, which luckily happens to be one of the most popular models due to size and affordability. You can also gift this vintage leather-bound e-reader case to any bibliophiles in your life, or invest in one yourself.

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Leather-Bound E-Reader Cover
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Leather-Bound E-Reader Cover
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