Cinnamon Brooms
Credit: Home Depot

Is It Even Fall If You Don't Get a Cinnamon Broom For Your Home?

Give your whole house the warm fuzzies.
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You smell them before you see them. Cinnamon brooms start showing up on the aisles of HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby, and Trader Joe's well before the Halloween movie marathons kick off, and the autumn-inspired sweeper goes beyond just filling your home with the cozy aroma of everyone's favorite fall spice. It's become quite the trendy autumn home décor item recently, but the origins go back much further. Do you know the legend of the cinnamon broom?

The tale goes that cinnamon brooms were used to ward off negative energy and evil spirits. A cinnamon broom could be placed over the front door as a spiritual barrier, or you could quite literally use it to sweep bad energy off your porch. How's that for instant good vibes? Southerners are more than familiar with folklore and superstitions, of course. A cinnamon broom that makes the room smell like snickerdoodle cookies and wards off evil spirits? Count us in!

Nowadays, cinnamon brooms serve more aesthetic purposes overall, and you can find them at many places, including most grocery stores. During the fall season, Trader Joe's typically offers two different sizes: a three-foot cinnamon broom and a miniature cinnamon broom. While the scent of the larger cinnamon broom can seem overwhelming for some when kept inside as décor, it makes a great option for a covered or screened-in porch especially. The latter makes a fabulous addition to your fall tablescape and offers a slightly more muted scent for indoor rooms.

The scent typically lasts a few weeks, and you can refresh them periodically by using them to sweep or rustling the bristles. They're not to be ingested, so use it for more sweeping and less snacking, hm?

Thanks to a cinnamon broom, you can bring on all the positive autumn energy, get inspired to plan out your fall baking list, and stave off bad spirits. No Halloween scaries here. Visit your local grocery store to snag one before the season is in full swing, or shop two available online options below.

Cinnamon Brooms
Credit: Home Depot

Bindle & Brass 36 in. Classic Cinnamon Scented Broom Set

This two-pack of scented brooms will have you covered indoor and outside all season long. 

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Cinnamon Brooms
Credit: Etsy

Handmade Seasonal Cinnamon Broom

This charming style is handmade with twine and pure cinnamon oil for the freshest, most inviting scent. Choose from a miniature option and a three-foot option.

BUY IT: $4.99 and up;