This Pumpkin Casserole Dish From ALDI Is My Go-To Hostess Gift For Fall

It's microwave and dishwasher safe, y'all.

ALDI Pumpkin Casserole Dish
Photo: ALDI

While most Southerners didn't grow up with an ALDI in the neighborhood, the supermarket known for great prices on affordable produce and unique exclusive products is popping up in more and more cities in our neck of the woods. While they do carry name-brand products, ALDI is able to keep its famously low prices on a wide variety of items because of their brand products that are exclusive to ALDI.

The ALDI brand products have developed somewhat of a cult following, including many of my colleagues here at Southern Living. Our editors love to shop at ALDI for everything from pasta sauce to hummus. And we know it's a great spot to find artisanal cheese at budget friendly prices. I've even declared that I would go to ALDI just for the Beaumont Coca Hot Cocoa Mix alone.

But have you explored the ALDI Finds aisle of your local outpost? If not, I am about to give you a reason to give it a good stroll the next time you're running out to grab some organic produce or frozen seafood. This section is full of seasonal items and it changes weekly. The products on this aisle are only in store for a limited time, generally until they run out of stock. As of October 12, you can find what I am going to declare is my go-to hostess gift of the fall. The Crofton Large Pumpkin Casserole Dish (pictured above) is both oven and dishwasher safe and will only cost you $14.99. If you are invited to a potluck tailgate this year, what a great way to class up your chili presentation. Or if you've been invited to Friendsgiving? Make your baked macaroni and cheese in this beautiful pumpkin-hued dish and leave the dish as your gift to your hostess.

Mini Pumpkin Casserole Dish 2pk White

Another great hostess gift idea is either the Crofton Small Pumpkin Casserole Dish in orange or the 2-pack Crofton Mini Pumpkin Casserole Dish. These are great vessels for either a cozy soup or a gift of spice nuts for your party host or as a thank-you gift. Both the two pack of mini dishes and the single small casserole dish are priced at $8.99. But you'd better hurry, these surely won't last long!

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