Comfy, warm, portable, and smoke-free.

By Kaitlyn Yarborough
November 13, 2020
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For those without the option of a fireplace in the home, an electric fireplace can make a great addition for capturing that same comfort at a fraction of the price and without a chimney. Electric fireplaces emit heat and feign the look of an actual burning fire, which can lend an air of coziness and warmth to any space at the press of a button. Many allow users to control the heat level via thermostats and remotes with the option to forgo the heat setting altogether and opt only for the pleasing burning fire facade in the background. 

So whether you’re looking to warm up a small space come wintertime, create a warm glow in the house at night, or trying to feign the look of a real fireplace, these best-selling electric fireplaces on the market can turn up the coziness without having to deal with real fire. Shop our favorite picks below.  

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On almost any online store, you’ll find this tops the list for best freestanding electric fireplace out there if you want a combination of performance and style. It’s equipped with 3-D flame effect technology that creates a layered flame look with five adjustable brightness settings. It can be operated with or without heat using a remote, and it comes in seven color options. (We’re partial to the French Grey.) 

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A slightly more affordable option, this is a similar freestanding fireplace heater that features lifelike flame technology and two different heat setting levels to choose from. It also comes fortified with an overheating protection system that will shut down the power if the temperature reaches a dangerous level to ensure the safety of the user. You get all the comfort of a real fire, along with the comfort of knowing it’s totally safe.  

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If you’re really missing out on having a real fireplace in your home, luckily there are plenty of electric fireplaces to be found that feign the look without having to put in a chimney or deal with nursing a real fire. This one gets high marks for featuring a realistic, stylish freestanding exterior that can double as a media center with your television on top. It also has a built-in timer to eliminate worry about accidentally leaving it on, as well as a heating range of 1,000 square feet at multiple heat level options. Choose between antique white and antique cherry finishes. 

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Even small homes and apartments can get in on the cozy action with an electric fireplace designed for a more compact space, and many double as the same width of a side table to increase versatility of where you can place it throughout your home. When you’re not using, simply store in a closet or disguise as an actual side table by choosing this super stylish one with double doors. It also allows you to adjust the brightness, heat level, flame color, and more to match your preference. 

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Go for a more modern look with a savvy and space-saving electric fireplace that can be mounted on the wall, indoors or out. This best-seller on Amazon ranges from 36 inches to 50 inches and features a remote-controllable thermostat, touch screen capability, and adjustable flame colors to customize the vibe on any night to suit your desires. Overall, it’s sleek, made thin to conserve space, and adds a touch of warmth to any space. 

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