If you've waited until the last minute for a Halloween costume, these ideas are easy to pull together in no time.
Festival Queen Image Tout

These easy Halloween costumes will come together in minutes.

Salt and Pepper
An easy Halloween costume suited for a pair. Simply get a black t-shirt and a white t-shirt and label with a P and S with silver paint. For an extra touch, get matching hats and add silver dots to cap off your look with a shaker.

Festival Queen
This is a great disguise to make from an old bridesmaid or formal dress. Use white ribbon to create a sash and top off your look with a crown that is fit for a queen. Take our quiz "What Southern Festival Queen Are You?" to find the right title for you sash.

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Pineapple or Strawberry
For this costume, choose the t-shirt color based on which fruit you would like to be: yellow for pineapple; red for strawberry. Then use green construction paper to create leaves, which you will attach to a headband. For a pineapple, create a taller stem of leaves, and for a strawberry create a shorter, wider bunch. This is another idea that is made for a pair.

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Start by wearing an orange shirt and sweatpants. Using black paint, create the face of your jack-o'-lantern on the orange shirt. Create a stem by forming a circle with green construction paper and attaching this to a headband.

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Deviled Egg
To dress as this Southern classic, wear all white and use yellow construction paper to create a yolk, which you will wear on the front of the shirt. Use red construction paper to create red ears and attach to a headband to make devil ears.