There's a Trick To Keeping Your Duvet From Bunching Up Inside the Cover, And It'll Save You So Much Time

No more lumps, bumps, or deflated spots. 

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Duvet Cover Bed Hack

On the roster of daily chores, making the bed can easily be one of the most discouraging, particularly if dealing with fixing up a fluffy, filled duvet cover. Over the course of one night's sleep, the plain duvet inside the pretty, aesthetically pleasing cover somehow ends up bunched up at the bottom or in one corner. It can look lumpy in some spots, deflated in others, and disrupt your otherwise organized bedscape. Discouraging after one spends time making sure everything from the sheets to the pillows are perfectly placed, hm?

Turns out, there's a simple trick that can alleviate the issue of lumpy, bunching duvets that doesn't involve you crawling into the duvet cover, breaking out into a human star position, and working up a sweat—and yet, most people don't even know it. In fact, the hack is sitting right inside the duvet cover itself.

Perhaps it's primarily the perfectionists among us who know the secret that lies inside the duvet cover. Maybe it's only the chosen who see those tiny, little, hidden string ties and button closures that are located where the seams meet inside each of the four corners of a duvet cover. Well, they exist, and they're just waiting to be attached to accompanying corner tabs located on duvets whenever you're dreading having to face the ghastly task of tucking the duvet back inside its cover on laundry day. Simply cinch the corners of the fluffy duvet filler onto the security features inside the cover, and you're set with a lump-free look that won't bunch up while you sleep. Each morning, meet a smooth, evenly spread duvet when making up the bed.

Now, if we're being technical, there will be duvets and duvet covers out there that don't have this nifty anchoring detail. For those, we sadly can't offer many foolproof tricks. The most we can recommend is to go ahead and make your life easier by shopping one of these best-selling duvet and duvet covers to make your morning routine quicker, easier, and neater.

We never said it was rocket science, but how many are still out there living without this handy knowledge? How many knotty, bumpy, messy duvets must suffer? Shop our favorite picks to soothe your bedding situation below.

Southern Living Year-Round-Warmth Down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert

Duvet Cover Bed Hack

This all-season down alternative comforter is complete with 4 built-in loops on each corner. to secure your favorite duvet cover and make sure the insert doesn't shift around inside the cover.

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Nestl Bedding 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set

Duvet Cover Bed Hack

This 3-piece set with nearly 60,000 Amazon reviews includes one duvet cover and two pillow shams. Choose from over 40 color options to match any bedroom style. The duvet cover secures with buttons and is easy to remove for washing.

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Amazon Basics Light-Weight Microfiber Duvet Cover Set

Duvet Cover Bed Hack

For more pattern options, this shopper-favorite duvet cover set makes easy work of laundry day with zipper closure (or snap buttons, if preferred) and internal duvet ties.

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