Visit this global-goods emporium with these tips in mind. 

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Cost Plus World Market: a mecca of entertaining items, home décor, gourmet goods, and more. One step into the store and you’ll feel as though you’ve traveled to a global bazaar with an abundance of affordable furniture finds just waiting to be discovered. There are pieces to complement every vibe you’ll want to outfit your home in: a mid-century chair, a rustic farmhouse dining table, or a Moroccan vase. And with World Market’s prices, you won’t feel bad replacing the trendy pieces when they go out of style. Here are our tips for conquering this boho treasure trove.

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1. Go in with an open mind. 
Though you may be on a mission to find the perfect stemless wine glasses for your next dinner party, don’t be afraid to keep your eyes open for other under-the-radar finds you could come across. The lamp that you’ve always wanted but never knew you needed could be right under your nose. Take time to browse the aisles upon aisles of home goods. If you’re looking to give your living room a seasonal makeover, the perfect throw pillows or accent tables for sprucing up your space are right at your fingertips.

2. Call ahead. 
Before you go, call your local store to check when new arrivals come in and when the best times to shop are. Visit the store at an off time so you won’t have to fight the crowd for the latest picks. Or if you already have a specific item in mind, ask an employee to hold the product for you and pick it up at your convenience.

3. Don't miss the gifts section. 
Discover unique gifts for everyone on your list. Allow extra time for this section, because the range of vintage toys, arts and crafts projects, and charming greeting cards will keep you occupied for hours. Stock up on hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, and other fun trinkets you won’t want to give away.

4. Beeline to the accessories section. 
Browse World Market’s eye-catching accessories for fun, affordable finds you can’t wait to wear. Agate stone necklaces, colorful tassel earrings, and wooden bangles will add an elements of global flair to your ensemble. You may even want to grab a floppy hat for your next coastal adventure.

5. Browse online for style inspiration and decorating tips. 
World Market’s blog, Discover, is filled with entertaining and decorating content. Browse the archives for creative ideas for throwing the perfect Mardi Gras party or tablescape how-tos. Each post includes links to recommended products for imitating the look. Also on World Market’s website are accessible decorating tips for styling your home—because we all need advice on building the perfect cheese plate, stocking a bar cart, and properly pairing foods and wines.

6. Make time to browse the food and drink sections. 
Expect an eclectic assortment of international offerings in the food and drink sections of World Market. Find gourmet coffee, baking mixes, and pantry staples from around the world. (We’ve all wanted to taste Australia’s fabled Vegemite at some point or another.) Find the ingredients for building an epicurean charcuterie plate or for whipping up an Asian-inspired feast. Browse the expansive wine and craft beer selection for tastes from around the globe.

7. Take advantage of available coupons. 
If you prefer to online shop, don’t miss the coupons that World Market offers on their website for can’t-miss deals and discounts. For more shopping rewards, join the World Market Explorer Rewards program for insider deals and other exclusive offerings.