These Wood Stain Colors are Trending for 2022, According to the Pros

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Whether you're embarking on a full-scale remodel or simply looking to add a little spruce to your space, we can always rely on the latest trends in home design to deliver inspiration. From trends in interior paint colors to exterior paint colors, it's easy to see that each design decision counts—and that includes your wood finishes. To help us define the trending wood finishes of 2022, we brought in the experts. Here are the themes pros are pulling into homes this year.

Keep It Natural

After spending the last two years indoors, it makes sense that we want to surround ourselves with reminders of nature and all that lies outside our front door.

"Today, we're seeing a ton of natural neutrals in wood finishes. In the recent past, it was all whitewash, all the time. We weren't seeing walnut and darker woods used quite so often," says Kelly DeWitt of KKDW Construction in Austin, Texas. "These days, we're splitting the difference and gravitating towards slightly warm-toned woods and letting the wood speak for itself through a matte, natural-looking finish."

Rick Bautista, Director of Product Marketing, Stain & Specialty at Behr Paint Company has his own theory about why natural wood is becoming so popular.

"With transitional interior designs increasing in popularity due to versatility, more consumers are looking for ways to incorporate organic material into their home," he explains. "Wood accents, flooring, and furniture are great places to start. Today, we're even seeing DIYers upcycle and refinish wood pieces themselves, with many using sanders and strippers to reveal natural wood finishes."

DeWitt sums up the natural wood trend perfectly, saying, "It's a cozy time in the wood world, and I don't see it changing anytime soon—and for good reason. This is a timeless look because you're letting Mother Nature do the talking, and she's always in style.

Go Dark

According to Benjamin Johnston of Benjamin Johnston Design in Houston, Texas, our floors are returning to the classics.

"Many of us hold memories of wood flooring from childhood that continue to influence our sense of luxury and beauty," he says. "As people strive to create comforting, cozy homes, neutral browns in matte finishes have that timeless appeal."

His clients are pairing these shades with statement rugs, where they "become more of a supporting player as opposed to the star in the room."

Anastasia Casey of The Identité Collective and IDCO Studio in Austin, Texas, agrees, explaining, "Blonde wood has been a designer favorite for the past four or five years. The trend coincided with the rise of modern Scandinavian-inspired, white-on-white materials that are still popular today."

While yes, she did say lighter materials are still popular, "We're predicting a noticeable shift towards darker wood tones paired with moody paint colors for a more dramatic look."

Show It Off

Highlighting the grain is becoming more and more common.

"Cerused finishes, where colored pigments—often white—are used to accentuate the grain of a piece of wood, are enormously popular right now," shares Johnston.

Sue Kim, Color Marketing Manager at Minwax, relates it to the nature trend, saying, "You can bring out wood's natural beauty by highlighting wood grain in show pieces such as coffee tables, buffets, armoires, and more."

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