You must first plan out your space for maximum relaxation. 

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She Shed
Credit: Van Chaplin

Sometimes when you're looking for a little peace and quiet, the best place to be is right in your own backyard. As NBC News reports, women around the world are turning backyard structures into so-called "she sheds" and creating a little oasis for themselves.

The first step to making a she shed is to clean out the disused shed or playhouse sitting in your backyard. If you don't have a backyard shed, but are smitten with the concept, they sell tiny houses, barns, and cottages at stores and sites like Sears, Home Depot, and Wayfair. Find new homes for the bicycles, old furniture, or lawnmower, or whatever has been lurking in the space. A good cleaning and a coat of paint can make the dusty old shed feel brand new and inviting.

While so-called man caves tend to revolve around television and beer drinking and drinking beer while watching television, she sheds can be anything from a crafting cottage to an idyllic potting shed for making fairy gardens to a getaway with just enough room for a quiet place to read with a glass of tea. Deciding what you want to do in the space will dictate your needs from a sofa to a potting bench to craft storage bins to a mini-fridge for iced tea (or champagne!) storage. Once you've figured out the purpose for your new space, the fun really begins.

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Most she sheds have a small footprint, which makes them relatively easy to decorate. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are filled with photos to inspire your she shed interiors, or as NBC News notes, check out author Erika Kotite's book, She Sheds: A Room of Your Own. To start, see what furnishings you may have stashed in an attic or basement, because while an old rocking chair may be too rustic or worn for your main house, it could be just perfect for your shed where shabby chic is the rule of the day. Similarly, check out flea markets and yard sales for second-hand furniture or decorative items.

If you plan to do lots of crafts, set up a painting easel, or use the tiny space for gardening, opt for a painted floor or just leave it as is, otherwise consider finding a rug or a bamboo mat to use as a floor covering.

Don't forget that unless you plan to only use your shed to escape the heat of the day, you'll need to figure out a lighting scheme. String lights, paper lanterns, or even that heirloom chandelier your great aunt left you could work in the space.

Once the inside is gussied up, assess the exteriors—plain or painted walls, a small garden, climbing plants, and an inviting entryway complete the backyard idyll.

It may take some time to get your she shed fixed up just right, but when you're done, you'll have a space all your own and that is certainly worth the investment.