Using one motif across the room is the definition of traditional, but fun tweaks are changing the game.

By Petra Guglielmetti
Matchy Matchy
There's something about a perfectly matched room that eases the mind. If you love a more uniformed look, try matching your wallpaper with the furniture in the room to create a well-curated room.
| Credit: J. Savage Gibson

Choose your pattern, and repeat it around the room: It's a play out of the Southern-decor handbook, but thanks to statement wallpaper's renaissance, matchy-matchy is also back. "There's a renewed interest in using matching fabric and wallpaper. It makes a room feel instantly pulled together," notes Dara Caponigro, creative director of Schumacher. Yet the look is lighter and airier for 2018, blending gentle colors, clean lines, and minimal visual clutter. "Even traditional patterns like chintz are more edited, and the backgrounds include more white space to make them look fresher and less stuffy," explains Holly Blalock, vice president of merchandising and marketing at CR Laine. "They're monochromatic or limited to a few hues instead of a color overload." Asian motifs are also a popular category, from classic bamboo fretwork to trendier seigaiha, a geometric Japanese wave pattern. Whatever look you choose, "Be sure to stick to simple, medium-size patterns—not the dinky and old-school motifs that often look fussy," says Lindsey Herod, a Southern Living Designer Network member based in Houston.

In the room above, designer Meg Braff chose Brighton Your Pavilion for the walls and primary fabrics. This clean print was paired with solid whites and blues to keep things fresh and relaxing.

Not sure where to start when it comes to picking a pattern? Here are a few of our favorites.

Matching Wallpaper Patterns
Credit: Robbie Caponetto

1. Hollyhock Removable Wallpaper in Yellow, $58/panel;
2.Palm Wallpaper in White/Navy, $98/roll;
3.Bird and Thistle Aqua; for pricing and retailers
4. Benedetto Wallpaper in Navy; for pricing and retailers