Here's a foolproof formula for beautifying a room: Just choose your own fabric and accent color.

When you're decorating a bath for your children, coordinated fabric and wall treatments are a convenient means of creating style. In this room, plenty of time-tested details combine with sparkling white surfaces and a unique accent color to yield a fresh, youthful look.

Original working drawings for the house specified that this area be used for storage. During construction, however, the builders reconfigured the second floor and gained ample room for an additional bath under the eaves. It now connects the adjoining nursery with a large closet.

The sloping ceiling and angled walls give the space the character of a quaint attic hideaway. More permanent materials, such as the fixtures and tile, are snowy white. Color is introduced with paint, fabric, and accessories--items that can be changed more easily.

Focus on Fabric
Scenic toile might be a customary choice for the shower curtain and full skirt beneath the sink, yet its lavender color is quite a surprise. Plush towels echo the color scheme.

Double-Duty Dressing Table
The sink was set into a countertop of solid-surface material shaped to resemble a dressing table. A gathered skirt made of lavender toile camouflages the plumbing and provides out-of-the-way storage for small baskets of toiletries. Instead of a more conventional mirror, a lavender-and-gold trumeau hangs above the countertop.

Bubbles? No Trouble
Lavender circles, painted directly onto the white walls, provide a lively decorative treatment. To create a similar effect, measure and mark the position of circles at intervals of approximately 12 inches. Use a compass to draw circles that are about 3 inches in diameter. With an artist's paintbrush, fill in the circles using latex paint in your chosen color. You can also try other shapes. Use diamonds, flowers, leaves, or whatever complements your fabric. As an alternative, look for stamps and stencils.


  • Use sheets as a fabric source when decorating a bath. A flat sheet, sized for a single bed, makes a great shower curtain.
  • Instead of conventional towel racks, use a freestanding quilt rack to hold an abundant supply of bath towels.
  • Accent the bathroom using inexpensive artwork, lamps, and small porcelain plates. Reupholster an old stool to add seating.