Michelle Nussbaumer of Ceylon et Cie shares her design ideas behind this treetop terrace deck.
Treetop Terrace Deck with Chandelier
This treetop terrace deck features blue and white accents and a rustic chandelier.
| Credit: Erica George Dines

1. Add a romantic sense of enclosure.
"You don't need a lot of space to create something that has grandeur and beauty," says Michelle. Combine sections of treillage (trellis) to enclose a terrace, or simply hang one on a wall as a garden element.

2. Use a color combo in abundance.
When you have a favorite color palette, as Michelle does with blue and white, don't be afraid to use it en masse. Layered fabrics, textiles, and pottery all work together when they have like hues.

3. Pull it all together with paint.
Collect furniture pieces from flea markets, auctions, or your own storage to give a room an eclectic look. Paint everything the same color to unite various styles, periods, and materials.

4. Shine candlelight from above.
Add ambient light by hanging an unelectrified candle chandelier from the ceiling or an overhead branch. Don't worry about peeling finishes. "The more patina, the better," Michelle says.

5. Accessorize with your collections.
Outdoor rooms should be extensions of a home's interior, so bring out less precious pieces of pottery and ceramics to give a space the finishing touch.

Additional Resources:
Interior designer: Michelle Nussbaumer, Ceylon et Cie, Dallas; ceylonetcie.com or 214/742-7632. Note: Most items on Michelle's terrace are one of a kind or vintage. Similar pieces are available through her store; ceylonetcie.com or 214/742-7632. Chandelier: Fete Chandelier, Michelle Nussbaumer Portfolio; ceylonetcie.com. Trellis paint: Black Panther (2125-10) and floor paints: Amherst Gray (HC-167) and Black Panther (2125-10); benjaminmoore.com. White tablecloth fabric: Princeton Solids in Ivory (32171-84) by Duralee (duralee.com), available through DCH; 713/961-9292. Chair covers, ottoman, bench cushion, and bench pillow fabric: Chevron Ikat in Royal by Michelle Nussbaumer Textiles; ceylonetcie.com. Small blue square pillow fabric: Indian Block Print; ceylonetcie.com. Tall urns on console: Pagoda Jars; ceylonetcie.com.