When in doubt, add a monogram.

2016 Idea House Dillards Towels
Credit: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Reese Witherspoon says, "If it's not moving, monogram it," and we couldn't agree more. A subtle, well-placed monogram can elevate any item from functional to fun. It adds a touch of personalized style and opens up a world of decorative possibilities, expecially when it's adorning fashion and home decor. However, monograms aren't just for initials anymore. If you want to try something new, embroider a sweet saying or cheeky phrase for a touch of irreverent design. There are plenty of things to monogram around the house—where should you begin?

Pretty Pillows

Monogrammed home decor is a must. You can create a sweet living room feature by monogramming two pillows to bookend your sofa. Or monogram an accent pillow to tuck into an assortment of others on a bench. If you want to go all out, try classic monogrammed bedding just like we did in the 2016 Southern Living Idea House.

Cozy Throws

Blankets—thrown over the sofa, folded and stored in a bench, or draped over a chair—are a necessity for the living room. Add a monogram to one corner of your favorite snuggly throw for a subtle, personalized touch. It's no monogrammed dining room chair (that would be a statement for sure), but it's a lovely, understated accent for your living room.

Stylish Pajamas

Padding around the house in pajamas is the ideal Saturday morning scenario. Up the charm factor by monogramming the pocket of your pajama top with your initials in the most elegant font you can find.

Plush Towels

Monogrammed towels aren't just charming, they're practical too. You'll never mix up the washcloths again once you have had personalized monograms embroidered on fluffy towels for every member of your family.

Lovely Loafers

Want to wear your monogram? You'll add pep to your step with monogrammed loafers. They're stylish and unexpected, a new classic for sure, and the ideal addition to a low-key outfit.

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Rugged Duffels

Take a rugged duffel bag and add a sweet monogram. It's a cool juxtaposition, and it's just unexpected enough to make a statement. Try neon thread paired with a neutral canvas for an eye-catching pop of color on a bag that will accompany you through a lifetime of adventures.