Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

Even among West Palm Beach's endless rows of colorful boutiques and antique shops, Circa Who is a standout with vintage furniture finds stacked to the rafters. Faux-bamoboo chairs. They've got that. Pagoda-topped mirrors. Yep, they've got that too. All set against the fabulous backdrop of neon striped walls.

The store's eclectic mix strikes the perfect mix of beachy, bohemian and preppy that Palm Beach is known for. The brainchild behind Circa Who is the super-stylish Tracy Deramus, who serendipitously got into the vintage furniture biz by way of her husband's furniture delivery company. She would snag great pieces that caught her eye and then sell the items after she rehabbed them.

The shipping company eventually gave way to the store and today it's Tracy whose the boss, not her husband. (Don't you just love that?) As one of the South's most stylish shop owners, we wanted to know the one item she thinks every Southern woman should own. Her answer is as quirky and fabulous as her store: a fretwork elephant console (like the one she's standing beside in the photo above.) "Elvis Presley had one at Graceland," says Tracy. "Shouldn't you?"

Want to get Tracy's laid-back look? Read on for more of her style finds.

Photo by Ralph Anderson
Photo by Ralph Anderson

Never leave home without: Aviator sunglasses and a clutch. I'm no handbag girl, but each year I treat myself to a great new clutch.

Most style you can get for Under $25: I can find anything stylish for $25! I'm all about shopping Palm Beach's great vintage stores.

Photo by Ralph Anderson
Photo by Ralph Anderson

Vanity is always stocked with: Hardly anything. The only products I use are Chapstick, a brow pencil, and Olay face wash.

Best shopping advice: Follow the message of my store's name: Don't worry about when it was made (the Circa), and don't worry about who made it (the Who). If you love it, buy it and wear it!

Always splurge on: A great haircut.

Always scrimp on: Manicures and pedicures. You (or your daughters!) can do it yourself.

Photo by Ralph Anderson

Love to collect: Vintage furniture and home accessories—the love affair will never end.

Secret style source: My 15-year-old daughter's closet. She shops enough to keep both of us dressed.

Photo by Ralph Anderson

Must-have for fall: Levi 524s (4). They are classic.

What home accessories item would you add to the list?

Circa Who is located at 531 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach.