Stylish Home Office Accessories for an Inspiring Workspace

Because no one wants a boring work from home setup.

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A home office is a space that should inspire creativity, provide minimal distraction, and stay organized. Whether you prefer a blank canvas to truly focus on the tasks you have on hand, or enjoy bold colors in your surroundings, the home office should feel like a space that borders the line of work and play. You need a room that serves all the practical functions of working in an office building while still having the freedom to make it feel custom to your taste. Maybe you have a coffee station on hand, or a wall of books for quick story inspiration. One way to ensure your home office fits your needs is to have stylish home office accessories on hand that are functional and still fun.

Desk accessories don't have to be completely utilitarian to serve your needs. Switch things up with a rose gold desk supplies set that includes a stapler, tape dispenser, binder clips, and paper clips. Instead of having a regular wall calendar hanging in your space, go for an acrylic one that's stylish and will even make that Friday afternoon meeting look exciting.

If your home office also serves as the workout room, guest bedroom, or any other dual-use space in your home, organization is a top priority. Keep everything in your office corner tidy on shelves, in drawers, or in a desktop organizer. A dual-purpose space could also mean that you have to take the Marie Kondo approach and edit your belongings down to what truly brings you joy. A tiny room doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. There are plenty of ways and tools to elevate your small home office space so that it's still organized, beautiful, and comfortable to work in.

There's a world of stylish home office accessories waiting for you to create the motivational space of your dreams. So, scroll on, and shop till your creative heart is content.

Acrylic Marble Desk Organizer

marble desk organizer

BUY IT: $29.99;

Never misplace something on your desk again with this nine-compartment organizer.

Acrylic Base Memo Board

Acrylic memo board

BUY IT: $34;

Display photos, creative thoughts, and notes on this minimalist memo board.

Rose Gold Desk Supplies Set

rose gold desk supplies set

BUY IT: $22.99;

Who doesn't love a matching moment? Feel stylish while using this desk supplies set. Even the staples are rose gold!

Appointed Signature Gift Set

Appointed notebook gift set

BUY IT: $36;

Give yourself the gift of organization and style in your home office. This set from Appointed, a Washington, D.C. based brand offering elevated paper products, includes a 2022 Task Planner, a to-do pad, and a set of six number two pencils.

Desktop Organizer Bookshelf

jerry and maggie desktop organizer

BUY IT: $29.99;

Display your cute desk accessories on this two-tiered bookshelf. It comes in five different colors so you can match it to the surface of your desk.

Project 62 Drawer Set

desk drawers

BUY IT: $18;

If you're short on drawer space, add more storage with these sleek matte-finished drawers. You could even stack a few on top of each other.

Acrylic Laptop or Monitor Stand

laptop stand

BUY IT: $20.89;

Free up space on your desk by placing your monitor or laptop on top of this stand. When you're not using it, you can easily tuck your keyboard or other supplies underneath.

Hexagon Cork Bulletin Boards

hexagon cork boards

BUY IT: $8.99;

Display your memos in style on these small hexagon cork boards. Whether you stack them in a column, line them in a row, or cluster them together, your wall is sure to be a beautiful display of organization.

Acrylic Wall Calendar

acrylic calendar

BUY IT: $78;

Never miss a meeting or appointment again with this easily customizable and dry erase wall calendar. You can even purchase a pencil holder that attaches to the bottom of the calendar.

Dry Erase Desktop Computer Pad

Dry erase computer pad

BUY IT: $22.99;

Place this dry erase board between your keyboard and monitor so that you can easily jot down your thoughts in meetings or as you work throughout the day.

Bunny Williams Leather Charging Station

charging station
Ballard Designs

BUY IT: $119.20;

Don't leave your electronics tangled in a pile. Stow away cords that aren't quite the aesthetic of your space in this charging station and keep your electronics ready for duty.

Leather Desk Pad Protector

desk pad

BUY IT: from $13.99;

Protect your wooden desk with a stylish leather desk pad. It will keep your laptop and water glass from sliding around while you work.

Acrylic Wall Organizer

wall organizer
Ballard Designs

BUY IT: $201.99;

Free up space on your desk with this acrylic wall organizer that has space for everything you can imagine. The acrylic slots also make it easy to see what supplies and notes you have stored.

Sharpie Gel Pens

sharpie gel pens

BUY IT: $12.99;

Everyone needs a reliable set of pens, and these Sharpie 0.7mm black ink pens have over 17,000 ratings with five stars on Amazon.

Audrey Desk Lamp

Audrey Desk Lamp

BUY IT: $45;

A reliable desk lamp is a must in any office space. This sleek lamp design allows you to adjust the lamp height and you can choose between a white or black finish, so it's sure to fit in your space.

Bic Brite Liner Pastel Highlighters

bic pastel highlighters

BUY IT: $4.20;

These highlighters are a pastel twist on the classic colors. With over 5,000 ratings and five stars on Amazon, they're reliable and stylish.

Nordic Retro Glass Pen Holder

handblown glass pen holders
Etsy / Walabreakdore

BUY IT: $31.02;

Choose between three beautiful handblown glass colors for an eye-catching pencil display.

Desk Extender Clamp-On Tray

ergonomic desk extender

BUY IT: $49.99;

This piece may not be quite as stylish, but it is practical. If you're in need of a few more inches of desk space, use this clamp-on extender to make a larger work station. When you're done using it, you can either remove it from your desk or fold the tray over.

Studio McGee Wood and Leather Magazine Holder

magazine holder

BUY IT: $50;

Expand your office space – and still keep it organized – with a sturdy magazine holder. Since not all jobs involve keeping several issues nearby, you could also use this leather organizer to hold files.

Under-Desk Adhesive Storage

adhesive drawer

BUY IT: $27.99;

Looking for a storage option that doesn't take up space on your floor or desktop? These self-adhesive, under-desk drawers are easy to install, and provide discreet office storage space.

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